About John A. Miller


For a few years now, I wanted to do a blog like this. I wanted a place where I can share my musical interests’, old or new, punk, blues, metal, bluegrass or country. As a person who has worked in the history field within parks for almost fifteen years as a historian or ranger, music has been one thing I always had in common with many of my co-workers. It is also something that several friends and I like to listen to when we kick back and have a few. Growing up, I have played the guitar, bass and banjo with some drumming that I picked up along the way.

My musical background is very diverse. One day, I can listen to the Blues and the next day it could be Heavy Metal and Country/Bluegrass the day after. Each musical genre and tab on this blog, I hope introduces you to that diversity.

If you like history check out my other blog: When War Passed This Way

Are you a member on Ultimate Guitar Tabs? Look me up!


  • Charvette  Model 150
  • Alvarez Regulator AE 200
  • Alvarez AE20-BS
  • Fender Percision Bass

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