My Favorite AC/DC Albums Ranked!


I love AC/DC. They were one of my favorite Hard Rock bands. I used to be able to play every one of their songs on guitar. I used to get into arguments about their musical style. Some said they were Hard Rock or Heavy Metal, but I would point out that AC/DC could be considered as one of the best Blues Rock bands. Either way, AC/DC will continue to be one of my favorite bands for many years to come. Just think that after they released “Rock or Bust”, you had Brian Johnson leaving for health reasons, it was the first record without Malcolm Young due to health reasons, and Phil Rudd’s legal and drug problems.

17. Fly On The Wall: Released in 1985, this is my least favorite AC/DC album. It entire album I thought was very watered down and weak. Although a few notable tracks, it still isn’t enough.

16. Black Ice: This album was released in 2008. I really am torn about this album. I like several of the songs, but at the same time, this album was a disappointment. It lacked the drive and power that AC/DC was known for.

15. Who Made Who: Released in 1986 as part of a soundtrack. The sound is pretty poor and some of the tracks were a compilation of greatest hits, and yet, it is not.

14. Rock or Bust: This album that was release in 2014, sadly to say, was a bust. I don’t mean that in a musical way. It’s just a lot of line up changes occurred in order to get this album the support it needed on the road. It’s got some of that drive back, which “Black Ice” lacked.

13. Ballbreaker: This album was released in 1995. The album pretty much sets the pace that AC/DC will follow until their retirement in 2017. Several good songs on this album showcase the Blues and Rock n’ Roll influences on the band.

12. Blow Up Video: Released in 1988, this album actually is setting AC/DC for a successful new decade as they move into the 1990’s. I also feel that this is a much underrated album in the AC/DC arsenal.

11. For Those About To Rock: Released in 1981, this was the follow up record to “Black In Black.” There are some great songs on here including the anthem “For Those About To Rock.” The album has more of the heaviness less polished sound.

10. Stiff Upper Lip: Released in 2000, this album has a bit of attitude which I enjoyed. Like “Ballbreaker”, this album focuses on much of the Blues influence that AC/DC has always used.

9. Razor’s Edge: Released in 1990, brings AC/DC back to the center of the spotlight. This album has plenty of riffs. Although, Brian Johnson’s vocals are showing strain and age, he pulls it off with his vocal work on this record.

8. Flick Of The Switch: This album doesn’t get enough credit. Here you have AC/DC in 1983 returning to their 1977 roots. That polished and heavy sound has been stripped away moving more into that raw heavily distorted guitar sound.

7. Powerage: Released in 1978, was another great album by the band. It’s a bit more polished. It looses a lot of that overdrive and distorted sound.

6. Let There Be Rock: This record is another great album by AC/DC released in 1977. It’s raw, heavily distorted, and displays power. All of the tracks are performed tightly by the band. You can’t go wrong with the Anthem “Let There Be Rock.”

5. 74 Jail Break: Although a short EP, this album contained the songs that were originally released on the TNT, High Voltage, and Dirty Deeds albums that were not released in America until 1985. It’s just raw guitar overdrive with Bon Scott doing what he does best.

4. Back In Black: I love the fact that AC/DC released two powerful albums back to back with two different singers. I love the overall heaviness of the sound and Brian Johnson’s vocals. A kick ass 1980 record.

3. Dirty Deeds: Originally released overseas in 1976, this album was released here in the states in 1981. I love the Blues sound and the quality of the songs. Lot’s of humor in these songs that only Bon Scott can provide.

2. High Voltage: I love the mixture of influences on this 1976 record. You have Blues, a little jazz, and a tad bit of Country. This album also displays a sheer raw energy that AC/DC would become known for.

1. Highway to Hell: Released in 1979, this album had everything. It has powerful riffs, great vocals, and awesome rhythm sections. There’s not a bad song on this album and that is why this is my favorite AC/DC record.


My Favorite Megadeth Records Ranked


  1. Rust In Peace: I read an article from the Onion about how no more art needs to be created, because of the fact that Megadeth has already created the perfect album as well as the cover to go with it. I think the author was correct.
  2. So Far, So Good… So What!: This was the album that introduced me to the band. Great set of songs here from “Set the World On Fire” to “Hook in Mouth.”
  3. Killing Is My Business… And Business Is Good!: I love the rawness and the sheer power of Megadeth’s debut in 1985.
  4. Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?: Peace Sells is a great raw Thrash Metal record, although, the sound quality isn’t the best. This album alone has influenced so many bands in the Heavy Metal world. 
  5. Countdown To Extinction: The album that should’ve been number one over the Black album by Metallica. The music on this album was so far advanced and so far ahead of the time. It’s perfect! 
  6. Dystopia: Dave Mustaine still can throw out solid songs and this 2016 release is proof of that.
  7. The System Has Failed: This album is killer from start to finish. I love the cover as it speaks the truth about our politicians.
  8. Cryptic Writings: A nice solid effort by Megadeth. Megadeth is moving into another direction which would bring about change. 
  9. Youthanasia: This was the follow up to the “Countdown to Extinction” album. This album also has some pretty decent tracks on it. 
  10. The World Needs A Hero: I think that this album deserves a little more respect than what it gets. Also too, many critics out there get caught up by the tide and quickly disprove this album. 
  11. Endgame: This was a good album, although, it was more or less the same as “The System Has Failed.”
  12. United Abominations: This record here is pretty solid. But again, this also seems to be more or less the same as “The System Has Failed.”
  13. Th1rt3en: Another solid release by Dave Mustaine and his band. Some nice tracks here, but not favored by many in the Heavy Metal world.
  14. MD.45 – The Craving: Although, not a Megadeth album, it does feature a few songs which were to be Megadeth songs.
  15. Super Collider: Although, not a Thrash Metal album, this album does have it’s high points along with some low points. It’s not a bad Hard Rock/Heavy Metal album. The banjo work on “The Blackest Crow” was awesome!
  16. Risk: I did like certain aspects about this album, even though, it was more or less Disco season.

My Favorite Danzig Records Ranked


  1. Danzig: The first album is by far my favorite Danzig record. Not only was it original, raw, and sexy, it had this certain deep sound to it. It also was something new that Glenn Danzig had never done up to this point. The musicianship itself made this a great album.
  2. Danzig 4P: This album is the last to feature the classic line up. This record is just all around a great record. The sound is heavy and yet, you can hear some of the experimental songs that will lead Danzig into the future. This album also shows how talented Danzig is and covers wide range of vocals.
  3. Danzig II – Lucifuge: Following up on the Bluesy feel of the first record, Danzig jump all in with the Blues and mixing that with his darker and sex themed lyrics. There is also some great vocal work on this album that really showcases Danzig’s vocal range.
  4. Danzig III: How The Gods Kill: Another great album. This time it’s heavier and darker. It still retains that Blues influence, but it also brings in some newer infleunces from the Heavy Metal world. The sound is clearer, raw, and with powerful vocals.
  5. Deth Red Sabaoth: This album features a classic sounding Glenn Danzig, although his vocals are getting worn with age. The song structures are pretty good. Glenn even made candy seem to be evil and sexy at the same time.
  6. Danzig 6:66: Satans Child: This record to me was a great album. You hear Glenn moving on from the full throttle of Industrial Metal as you heard on Danzig 5 and adding more of the Heavy Metal standard sounds to it. It’s a more balanced record that is enjoyable to listen to.
  7. Circle Of Snakes: Circle of Snakes was another good album by Glenn and his band. You see Glenn leaving behind the Industrial and Techno sounds for more of a straight forward Heavy Metal record. The album is a bit darker compared to the past albums from Danzig 5 and 6:66.
  8. Danzig 5: Blackacidevil: This album was one of those records that you liked or hated. There isn’t much room in between. This album was something totally different than one would have expected from Glenn. It was heavily soaked with the Industrial Metal sound with Techno beats. But, Glenn managed to make it work. I liked it.
  9. Danzig 777: I Luciferi: Danzig 7 was a decent record. It’s raw, dark, and heavy. Glenn still retains that style of song writing that he is known for.
  10. Danzig – Black Laden Crown: The latest record is decent. Danzig is really beginning to show age, but the material is just as strong as any record.
  11. The Lost Tracks Of Danzig: This is a great compilation records of songs that are great, but were not great enough to make the final cuts on various past records.
  12. Thrall-Demonsweatlive: A nice little ep with three studio songs on the first side which are great. Live performance on the other side gives you a small taste of what Danzig sounds like. The hidden track Mother 93, made new fans from people who never heard of the man. Kind of a one hit wonder.
  13. Live On The Black Hand Side: This live performance spans the career of Danzig from 1990 to 1996. It’s OK!
  14. Skeletons: Not my favorite album. Some of the songs are covered well by Danzig, others not so well. Now, if these songs were covered by Danzig and incorporated into his own style, then maybe, this album wouldn’t have been so bad.