Melana Chasmata: Triptykon

Rating: 100%

Melana_Chasmata.jpgTriptykon’s second album was released in 2014. It’s a perfect example of Extreme Metal that blends everything from Death Metal, Black Metal to Doom Metal with some Gothic Metal influences thrown in. The end result are songs that are well written out with an amazing and original sound.

The musicianship us top notch and tight. You have former Celtic Frost and Hellhammer guitarist & Vocalist Thomas Gabriel Fischer. He has proven that he still can write quality music and lyrics. This album is well thought out. His vocals are both harsh at times, and clear the next. I do like his more spoken vocals on many of the songs. Guitarst V. Santura, just like Tom knows how to create great riffs. There is plenty of great guitar work throughout this entire album. The leads are so atmospheric.  Bassist Vanja Šlajh is such a great bass player and backing vocalist. Her voice compliments Tom’s work. Her bass lines with providing that drive and tempo is outstanding. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite Heavy Metal bassists. Drummer Norman Lonhard is also a great. 

So musically, you have a strong and well shaped solid record. The vocals are very strong and distinctive. The instrumentation as I already covered is outstanding. It’s well balanced, rich, and compelling. For the artists themselves, they are imaginative, skillful, and creative. 


1. “Tree of Suffocating Souls” 7:56
2. “Boleskine House” 7:12
3. “Altar of Deceit” 7:32
4. “Breathing” 5:50
5. “Aurorae” 6:17
6. “Demon Pact” 6:07
7. “In the Sleep of Death” 8:10
8. “Black Snow” 12:25
9. “Waiting” 5:55


Prototype: Celtic Frost

Rating: 0%

287926.jpgThis record sucks! Not all is completely lost! Actually it is! We have a mixture of Industrial Metal, Rap, and crap. There is a reason, this album never made it past the demo stage.

Track listing:

1. Helter Skelter (The Beatles cover) 04:43
2. Totgetanzt 05:15
3. The Dying I 04:49
4. Beautiful End 04:31
5. November 06:38
6. Deep Inside 04:50
7. Relinquished Body 05:24
8. Human Dirt 03:32
9. Get Wicked (Dagger and Grail) 01:35
10. Hip Hop Jugend 05:17

Blackacidevil: Danzig 5

Rating: 90%


The 1996 release.

So in 1996, you see Glenn Danzig with a totally new outlook on music. With no members left of the classic Danzig lineup, what should Glenn Danzig do? Well…experiment musically and seek new styles. After all, after the release of Danzig II in 1990, Glenn stated that he would never put out the same album twice. He kept to his word. The end result was the 1996 release of Danzig 5 with”Blackacidevil.”

So, is this is Blues record? No! This record sounds nothing like Danzig’s previous records. In fact, this record stands alone when it comes to even trying to put a genre to it. Is it Experimental? Yes it is. Is it Industrial Metal, Avant-Garde or Electronic Metal? Yes! Is it Hardcore? Yes! So what is it? Well, it all of the above.

Musically, this record is heavy, doomy, and aggressive. This is most likely, by far one of the heaviest Danzig records out there. Lyrically, the themes are very dark and sex driven. It contains everything that Glenn Danzig is known for. And…sadly, many people never gave this record the chance that it deserved.  Hell, even my wife loved this record.

The song structures are complex in nature with it’s heavily drench Techno and Electronic sounds complied with influences of Noise Rock. So with regards to the song structures, where do I even begin? For starters at it’s core, this is Heavy Metal. Added in with it, you have a lot of electronic rhythms. Many of the songs are upbeat in tempo. There is melody here, even though many will not feel it. There’s the Techno side of this record as well. Then you have the Doom Rock influences with the slowed tempos and heavily distorted sounds. Added to it, the Industrial Metal influences. This record could easily stand along side Rob Zombie or Nine Inch Nails. It even has traces of some Sludge Metal in it.

Musicianship, I think is pretty damn good. Glenn vocal’s really stand out from track to track. Although, many do not care for the electronically distorted sound of his voice on several tracks. Is he using his higher range style like before? Yes, and no! But, his no distorted vocals are what makes this record great. He is what gives the music the darkness that only he can do. “Ashes” is traditional Glenn Danzig from his vocal style to the music.  Glenn also plays keyboards, bass and guitar on this record. Joey Castillo’s drum work is amazing, on the reissue “Bleed Angel” is a great example. Thrown into the mix is the programmer and keyboardist Joseph Bishara.


The 2000 reissue edition

Additional Personnel:

Jerry Cantrell – Guitars (“See All You Were”, “Come to Silver”, & “Hand of Doom”)
Mark Chaussee – Guitars (“Sacrifice”, “Serpentia”)
Josh Lazie – Bass (“Sacrifice”)

Track Listing: 1996 original version
“7th House” – 3:48
“Blackacidevil” – 4:25
“See All You Were” – 5:03
“Sacrifice” – 4:29
“Hint of Her Blood” – 5:03
“Serpentia” – 6:41
“Come to Silver” – 4:01
“Hand of Doom: version” – 2:53
“Power of Darkness” – 3:19
“Ashes” – 5:28

Track Listing: 2000 reissue version
“7th House” – 3:48
“Blackacidevil” – 4:24
“See All You Were” – 5:02
“Sacrifice” – 4:28
“Hint of Her Blood” – 5:02
“Deeper” – 4:15
“Serpentia” – 6:40
“Come to Silver” – 4:00
“Hand of Doom: version” – 2:52
“Bleedangel” – 4:13
“Power of Darkness” – 3:19
“Ashes” – 5:31
“Don’t Be Afraid” – 4:25

Her von welken Nächten: Dornenreich

Rating: 75%

Dornenreich-HerVonWelkenNaechten.jpgIn 2001 Dornenreich”Her von welken Nächten” released their third album. So, let me warn you know, the entire album is sung in Austrian. But that adds to the album experience, musically and lyrically. Three musicians make up the band. Evíga on vocals, guitars, bass, Valñes on vocals, synthetizers, and Gilván on drums. There are other staffers who play the cello and violin as well. Is this beginning to sound weirder to you? If not, it should.

This album is a concept album about the ghost of the night. For a black metal album, there is a lot of melody which is why it was classified under Ambient and Avant Metal as well. This album also has a lot of bone crushing guitar riffs which gives the album a chunky sound. There is some lead work on the album which is an added touch. Some of the leads are actually harmonizing with the vocals giving them an eerie sound that haunts many sections of the album. Lots of drumming and hard pounding bass lines. Vocally, the vocal work is creepy, eerie and yet, it’s brilliantly structured.

Lot’s of sounds, lot’s of tempo changes and lot’s of bridges that close the gap and pulls all songs together. There’s a bit of off beats that adds a touch of weirdness to the album. Then hearing the piano or cello and violin adds to that haunting sound. This is a really good composed album. Many good highlights and if you’re into experimentation where genres of metal are thrown together, you’ll most likely enjoy this album.

Track listing:

“Eigenwach” – 6:44
“Ich Bin Aus Mir” – 6:13
“Wer Hat Angst Vor Einsamkeit?” – 6:19
“Grell Und Dunkel Strömt Das Leben” – 5:00
“Innerwille Ist Mein Docht” – 5:51
“Hier Weht Ein Moment” – 6:30
“Schwarz Schaut Tiefsten Lichterglanz” – 7:29
“Trauerbrandung” – 6:17
“Mein Publikum – Der Augenblick” – 8:30

One Wing: The Chariot

The_Chariot_-_One_Wing.jpgRating: 80%

“One Wing” is the final album released by the Mathcore Experimental Metal band The Chariot. This album featured Josh Scogin on vocals, Brandon Henderson on lead guitar and bass, Stephen Harrison on rhythm guitar and bass, and David Kennedy on drums.

For those who don’t know what Mathcore is, it’s a rhythmically complex and dissonant style of metalcore, that makes use of unusual time signatures in it’s song structure.  It also uses more of a screaming style vocal work. Mathcore is also associated with Grindcore, which takes it’s influences from from thrash metal, death metal, hardcore punk and noise rock.

This album is all over the place. But, it does have structure to it. It is also has some melody to it, which we’ll discuss. “Your” features a church like atmosphere with the vocal work of Angela Plake and organ. “First” starts out with hardcore sound to it, but, then, it goes into a western theme outro, that makes you think of a Clint Eastwood movie.  It also features a trumpet as if you’re waiting for the final gun fight to play out.

The album itself sounds good. It does have plenty of unusual time signatures and weird tempos. the piano that one hears here and there on the record is a good touch that breaks up the hardcore portion of the music. There are also some good riffs on this album and the dropped down tuning makes the music sound even harder. The two second Hawaiian bit that introduces you to the song “And” is a nice touch. It also has some positive messages behind it, as Chariot is also known as a Christiancore. For their last album together as a band, this is a pretty good effort to say goodbye, but, then again, I’m sure they’ll emerge again. Most bands usually do.

Track listing:

1. “Forget” 2:20
2. “Not” 2:54
3. “Your”  1:08
4. “First” 3:43
5. “Love.” 3:23
6. “Speak”  2:11
7. “In” 2:13
8. “Tongues” 4:25
9. “And” 2:34
10. “Cheek.” 5:48