Black Aria II: Glenn Danzig

Rating: 60%

Glenn_Danzig_-_Black_Aria_II.jpgIn 2006, I was excited to hear the release of Black Aria II. After purchasing the CD, and listening to it, I was disappointed. The music itself, is a tad bit boring in some places as it didn’t hold my attention. But not all is lost as there are some decent pieces within the tracks themselves. Again, melody is lacking. It is worth listening to around Halloween, but I rather listen to it’s previous record, Black Aria from 1992.

Track listing:

“Overture: Winged Night Demon” – 1:21
“Abbandonment / Recreation” – 4:12
“Zemaragad” – 3:57
“Lamia” – 4:14
“Bridal Ceremony of the Lilitu” – 2:16
“Dance of the Succubi” – 2:21
“Unclean Sephira” – 3:46
“LCKR” – 1:43
“The Succubus Feeds” – 2:20
“Shiddin” – 2:37
“Demons Reprise” – 3:13
“Lamenta Lilith” – 2:36


Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture: Sir Adrian Boult & The London Philharmonic Orchestra

Rating: 80%

il_570xN.543454241_ahd6Sir Adrian Boult & The London Philharmonic Orchestra version of a timeless classic piece of music “Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture” is both heartwarming and emotional.

The piece was commissioned by Tsar Alexander I in 1880. It took Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky only six weeks to compose this piece. It was to commemorate Russia’s defense against Napoleon’s French army in 1812. The 1812 Overture debut in Moscow on August 20, 1882. Since then, it has been a classic song that has been recorded and performed many, many times.

The London Philharmonic Orchestra with Sir Adrian Boult conducting is a brilliantly put together. The music on this 1952 vinyl is both meaty and full. The strings, percussion and horns work well for this piece. The music swings in and out with lots of good tempo and melody that keeps building for the grand finale. When it hits, your pumped for victory. It’s no wonder why so many military bands still perform this piece to this day. The sound is amazing with hardly any noticeable background noise. This is a timeless classic that will live on for centuries to come.