He Thinks He’s Ray Stevens: Ray Stevens

He_Thinks_Hes_Ray_StevensRating: 75%

So, he’s funny and he has a serious side as well. His music is country, or it can be pop, maybe some bluegrass too and he can also do gospel. But one thing is for sure, Ray Stevens kept his fans happily laughing for decades. Some of his famous songs include “The Streak”, “Ahab the Arab” and the “Shriner’s Convention” just a few of several dozen hits he wrote or recorded.

I first heard Ray Stevens way back when I was young, not too long after this album’s release. I believe the song I heard was the “Mississippi Squirrel Revival.” My first albums of his were greatest hit collections, until recently when I picked up two vinyls, one of which is this album here.

In 1984, he released “He Thinks He’s Ray Stevens” his twenty-fourth album. This album has two of his all-time classics, “It’s Me Again, Margaret” and “Mississippi Squirrel Revival.” This album is funky, it’s poppy, rooted in some bluegrass and it’s country.

Musically, this is good a record. The song structures are light, enjoyable and for all of the influences incorporated into the sound it flows very well. I do like the style of various tempos used throughout the entire record. Lyrically, the songs are simple, funny and goofy. Ray Stevens’s spoken word, comedy and story telling in the verses are just good old fashion fun for the entire family of listeners.

Track listing:

Side 1
1. “I’m Kissin’ You Goodbye” 3:09
2. “It’s Me Again, Margaret” 3:26
3. “Mississippi Squirrel Revival” 3:42
4. “Ned Nostril (And His South Seas Paradise, Puts Your Blues on Ice, Cheap at Twice the Price Band — Ikky-Ikky, Ukky-Ukky)” 4:11
5. “Fred” 2:40
Side 2
1. “Erik the Awful” 4:35
2. “The Monkees (Theme From)” 3:09
3. “Joggin'”3:39
4. “Happy Hour (Is the Saddest Time of the Day)” 4:05
5. “Furthermore” 2:52