Scream: The Compilation

Rating: 90%

scream.jpgIn 1987, during the Hair and Glam Metal scene, L.A. was already bracing itself for the next wave of Alternative music. Scream was a mid-late 80’s nightclub in Los Angeles, CA. It was here that the next generation of musicians would come about.

To get the word out, Geffen Records releases “Scream, The Compilation.” It was through these kinds of releases that people from all over would get a chance to hear something new that wasn’t exactly being played over the airwaves. It was through these compilations that people could check out new bands and sample their music.


A1 –Jane’s Addiction, Pigs In Zen, 3:59

This was band that I first heard of before they became popular. This song was so refreshing to hear. Up until now, Glam Metal ruled everything.  I remember when the song “Been Caught Stealing” came out. It was such a treat to hear. It was something different.

A2 –Caterwaul, Manna And Quail, 4:47

This band has a great overall sound with strong female vocals. Think of the early 1980’s Alternative sound, but more polished. This band has an overall strong sound which is enjoyable to listen to.

A3 –Human Drama, Wave Of Darkness (Highway 99), 3:34

This band had a lot of potential. They sound great using a collection of the early 1980’s Alternative music influences. It sounds good and the vocals are strong. It has that Rockabilly feel to it when I hear the guitar work on in some of the areas, including the beginning introduction.

A4 –Francis X And The Bushmen, Grey Talk, 4:23

So, the introduction of this song is weird. But there is a a good guitar riff to it. This song screams 1980’s New Wave music.

A5 –TSOL, All Along The Watchtower, 3:03

So, TSOL has been around for a while. It began as a Punk band and now has made it way to more of a Glam Metal sound. This band probably has done one of the best remakes of a popular cover by Bob Dylan. The musicianship is very strong.

B1 –Delta Rebels, Teenage Lipstick Girls, 2:52

This song made no sense at all. But I did like the overall riff and classic rock feeling. It’s upbeat and fun to listen to.

B2 –The Hangmen, Rotten Sunday, 3:36

Psychobilly never sounded so good. I love this version of the song more so, than the regular album version. It’s got plenty of decent guitar work and vocals.

B3 –Tender Fury,  Slaughter The Lion, 3:49

I love the bass riffs on this song. That’s the first thing I noticed when I first heard this. The guitar riff is pretty cool to. I do love the guitar solo on this song. This song has a Punk feeling, but it’s not really Punk. Just another great example of an L.A. band trying to make it to the big time.

B4 –Abecedarians, They Said Tomorrow, 5:19

This song has that classic Alternative feel combined with New Wave and Punk.  It’s full of great guitar work as well as bass lines. The even keeled tempo is nice. It’s enough to get you pumped, but not enough for you to go full blown head bang mode. Now, as far as lyrics go, it’s a bit weak.

B5 –Kommunity FK, Something Inside Me Has Died, 4:10

I love the bass on this song. The bass is what sets this song to a level of greatness. The keyboards gives this song that classic touch of  the late 1970’s early 1980’s Alternative music. Even the guitar itself has that same feeling. Vocally, it’s weird.


Dude You Rock Compilation, The 1990 Dallas, Texas Music Scene

dude.jpgRating: 95%

One thing I sure miss in the music world today is all of those compilation records and tapes that showcased what the music scene was like in other areas of the country. I had several of these cassette tapes when I was younger. It was fun hearing demos from these different bands and how they all sounded. Some of which were kind of cheesy, but that how’s you learned about newer bands. It was a great experience to hear different music that wasn’t exactly being played over the airwaves on my radio station.

Dude You Rock was an example of what the Dallas, Texas music scene was all about in 1990. It contains music from the Alternative Rock, Speed Metal, Punk, Psychedelic Rock, Hip Hop, and Thrash Metal scene. I can’t believe after all of these years, I still have my cassette.


1. Course Of Empire – God’s Jig, 3:59
Bass – Paul Semrad, Drums – Anthony Headley, Guitar – Mike Graff, Vocals – Vaughn Stevenson

I love the main riff of this song. It’s heavy! It’s got some Alternative influences, but that mixed with Heavy Metal makes this an all around good tune to listen too. The vocal work pretty good.

2. Three On A Hill – Overdrive, 3:51
Bass – Mark Fisher, Drums – John Eisthen, Guitar [Slide Guitar] – Tench Coxe, Guitar, Vocals – Peter Schmidt

Overdrive would be a great way to describe this song and maybe that’s why the band name the song “Overdrive.” I love the bass lines that are all over this song. The guitar work is more along the lines of Alternative music with a heavily distorted slide lead parts. The song itself sounds gritty on one side and yet clean on the other.

3. Decadent Dub Team – (Makin’ Funky) Money, 4:56
Jeff Liles, Paul Quigg, David Williams, Ty Macklin

This song is a Hip Hop song. Although, I am not a fan of Rap music, I do appropriate this song. It’s got a good beat, decent vocals, and believe it or not, it’s got a decent guitar riff toward the end of the song. The chorus lines have a nice clean funky guitar riff. I find it funny that the operator keeps telling the band “We Don’t Make Rap Records.”

4. Rigor Mortis – Grudge Fuck, 1:49
Bass, Vocals – Casey Orr, Drums – Harden Harrison, Guitar – Mike Scaccia, Guitar, Backing Vocals – Doyle Bright

This song here is a Thrash/Speed Metal song. It’s got a dark tone and harsh vocals that are almost leaning more toward Death Metal. This is old school Thrash Metal and is what Thrash Metal was about.

5. Loco Gringos – Texas Ranger Man, 3:19
Bass, Backing Vocals – Paco Blanco, Drums, Backing Vocals – Pablo Cruz, Guitar, Backing Vocals – Pancho Cuervo, Guitar, Vocals – Pepe Lopez

This is a great song with lot’s of Alternative elements mixed with Heavy Metal. I love the lyrics and riffs of this song.

6. Scam – The Culprit, 3:45
Bass – Mike Vanderheiden, Drums – Rick Ojeda, Guitar – John Gonzales, Scott Crump, Vocals – George Reagan

This is a heavy Speed/Thrash Metal song. It’s got a nice heavy and fast riff to it. The vocals are more along Hardcore Punk, like Crossover.

7. Shallow Reign – Walk With Me, 4:20
Bass – Mark Thomas, Drums – Brad Robertson, Guitar – Kit Chambers, Vocals, Guitar – Bob Watson

This song just jams. It has a very strong Alternative Rock feel to it. But, it’s also heavy as hell. The guitars are outstanding as it has a really kick ass riff. The bass is so bad ass.

8. Sedition – Sedition, 3:29
Bass – Eddie Carter, Drums – Mike Dunn, Guitar – Peter Lee, Vocals – Turner Scott Van Blarcum

Now this song is perfect for those who have a taste for Thrash Metal. It’s got a great overall riff, sweet guitars, and a heavy lead. But the vocals have more of the Hardcore Punk or Cross Over style to it.

9. Lithium X-mas – Love Buzz, 4:31
Bass – Mark Ridlen, Drums – Darby Smotherman, Guitar – Greg Synodis, Maracas – Chris Merlick, Sitar – Tom Battles

Now,  I love this version more so than Nirvana’s cover. I love the Alternative feel to it, but I also like the Punk feel to it. The guitar riff is so weird, but that is what makes this song very enjoyable to listen to.

10. Hash Palace – Let’s Get Lost, 3:39
Bass – Mark Schafer, Drums – Tim Stile, Guitar – Terry Ciarlino, Vocals – Greg Towle

This song is just fucking eerie! I love the main riff of the guitar. The lyrics are just as fucked up as the music itself. Let’s get lost as if you’re playing a game. It actually sounds fun after listening to this song again. Classic Hardcore Punk feeling to a great Heavy Metal song. It’s got a great fuzzy gritty guitar sound to it.

11. Rev. Horton Heat – Speed Demon, 2:47
Bass [Upright] – Jimbo Wallace, Drums – Kyle Thomas, Guitar, Vocals – Rev. Horton Heat

So, this is a kick ass Rockabilly song. It’s got plenty of balls and great sound. It’s Rockabilly done in a Psychedelic way. It’s a lot of great guitar work in it. The lead solo is insane!

12. Last Rites – Train Girl / You’re So Fucking Great, 3:25
Bass – Mike Daane, Drums – Mike Malinin, Guitar – Pat Hooker, Vocals – Pete Thomas

This song is just plain out funny as hell. It makes no sense, but when you hit the part where it say “You’re So Fucking Great” you’ll be singing right along. It’s harder than your Hair Metal, but not as hard as Thrash Metal.

13. End Over End – Bringin’ It Down By Hand, 4:22
Bass, Vocals – Kevin Moore, Drums – David Mabry, Guitar – Tench Coxe, Vocals – Tad Looney

This song is heavy as hell. I love the guitar work as well as the bass. The vocals are outstanding. It does have this Grunge feeling to it, but it’s not Grunge. It’s just an all around great Heavy Metal song with some Punk to it.