Imortality’s End Demo: Exmortis

Rating: 85%

39278.jpgHailing from Frederick, Maryland was Exmortis. I remember picking up this demo on cassette and was blown away. After listening to this one sides cassette, I recalled how these guys were along the line Obituary and Death in sound.

This demo was recorded and released in 1989 at Zax Trax in Frederick, Maryland. Although, this band didn’t gain major national attention, it is important piece of the local Death Metal scene. The musicianship was overall tight. you had lead vocalist and guitarist Brian Werking, bassist Chris Wiser, lead guitarist Ted Hartz, and drummer Lee Coates.

Track listing:

1. Intro 01:39
2. Immortality’s End 02:22
3. The Resurrection 02:44
4. Beyond the Realms of Madness 03:22
5. Casual Killing 02:46
6. Outro 00:47


A Fragile King: Vallenfyre

Rating: 80%

R-3418834-1329668619.jpeg.jpgThis album was released in 2011 as Vallenfyre’s debut, as a super group. It consists of Paradise Lost’s lead guitarist on lead vocals and guitar, At the Gates’s drummer Adrian Erlandsson, and My Dying Bride’s guitarist Hamish Hamilton Glencross. It also features Scoot on bass and guitarist Mully.

I really like this album simply because it’s old school Death and Doom Metal. Yes, old school Death Metal drenched in Doom Metal. Not Melodic Death Metal! Plus it features three guitarist. My most recommended song on this album is “Cathedrals of Dread”. 

The instrumentation has this doomy feel that goes with it’s overall sound. The guitars have this crunchy sounding tone along with screaming leads. The guitars are toned down which help to achieve that sound. The vocals are gritty are well.

The song structures are what you would expect from this genre of music. Slowed and heavy with some faster tempos thrown in. It’s got some really nice riffs that are super tight. Those leads and fill ins are just screaming. The drumming is pretty good too.

Track listing:

All Will Suffer 4:09
Desecration 4:56
Ravenous Whore 3:02
Cathedrals Of Dread 3:52
As The World Collapses 3:13
A Thousand Martyrs 3:24
Seeds 4:45
Humanity Wept 2:18
My Black Siberia 3:49
The Divine Have Fled 3:41
The Grim Irony 4:39

Graveyard Classics: Six Feet under

Rating: 30%

3665In 2000, Six Feet Under decided to have a little fun and release a covers album. Why not? Every other band decided to do it. The problem was, I don’t think it worked very well for this band. I mean, I have used Youtube to look up various things like, Judy Garland singing Death Metal as well as Louis Armstrong and thought it was hilarious.

Well, this album is along those lines. The songs are just not meant to be Death Metal. It would have been cool if they redid songs that could have crossed over, but they choose instead to do the more popular songs, Deep Purple and Jimi Hendrix. It’s just not well thought out. So, looking at this album several years after I purchased it? It’s worth a giggle or two, but the fun soon wore off. 

Track listing:

1. Holocaust (Savatage cover) 04:39
2. T.N.T. (AC/DC cover) 03:29
3. Sweet Leaf (Black Sabbath cover) 05:22
4. Piranha (Exodus cover) 03:51
5. Son of a Bitch (Accept cover) 03:39 s
6. Stepping Stone (Paul Revere and the Raiders cover) 02:41
7. Confused (Angel Witch cover) 02:50
8. California über alles (Dead Kennedys cover)
9. Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple cover)
10. Blackout (Scorpions cover) 03:44
11. Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix cover) 02:52
12. In League with Satan (Venom cover) 03:59

All The Witches Dance: Mortuary Drape

Rating: 80%

2000.jpgIn 1995, Death Metal became very black with this release by Mortuary Drape. Blacken Heavy Metal is a term I’ve heard from others to describe the music.

Musically, this album is pretty dark and gloomy. It’s almost as if the band took several lessons from the Doom Metal movement and combined it with a dash of Thrash Metal to make their signature Death Metal sound. The tempos are pretty fast with crunching riffs and lead guitars. I’m thinking along the lines of Six Feet Under’s mixed with some Venom style of music rather than Obituary or Death. This album has some pretty good drumming and the bass is out of this world. All in all, a good album!

Track listing:

My Soul
Astral Bewitchment
Funeral Chant
Tregenda (Dance In Shroud)
13th Way
Intro (Chain)
Medium Mortem
Occult Abyss