Salvation’s Answer: Revelation

Rating: 75%

R-5653597-1399041839-6599.jpeg.jpgSo…1991 saw one of Maryland’s Doom Metal rockers release their debut. “Salvation’s Answer” by Revelation musically is pretty good. I’m not to keen on John Brenner’s vocals as I feel they are a bit Punky and weak for this genre of Heavy Metal music.  I love the grittiness of the guitar parts by John Brenner’s whether it be his riffs or leads. The bass by Bert Hall, Jr. is freaking heavy as is Steve Branagan’s drums.

Musically itself, there’s a great overall sound. It’s got grit and some crunch. It does seem to have a small and I do mean small dash of Hardcore Punk in some of the songs. It’s very progressive as well which is very unusual for a Doom Metal band to possess. The song “Paradox” is a great example of the Prog Metal influence. But it works. It’s got a mixture of heavy and slow tempos as well as faster and more upbeat tempos.

Track listing:

1 Lost Innocence 6:24
2 Salvation’s Answer 8:26
3 Infinite Nothingness 4:56
4 Paradox 4:06
5 Images Of Darkness 6:52
6 Long After Midnight 5:18
7 Poets And Paupers 5:22
8 Waiting For… The End 6:33


Black Night: Iron Man

Rating: 90%

12009.jpg1993, saw the debut release of the Maryland Doom Metal band Iron Man. Although, nothing new to the Doom Metal genre itself, this album doesn’t fall short. It’s packed with lots of traditional old school Doom Metal influences. You can hear the Trouble, Saint Vitus, and yes, some Black Sabbath influences. It’s not the newer slowed to a crawl tempo that most newer bands have opted to do. In fact, this makes Doom Metal very pleasant to listen to.

The musicianship is remarkable. Al Morris III has this certain tone set to his guitar that screams Black Sabbath and Trouble, but at the same time, you can almost hear some Bluesyness pouring through those amps. He produces some high energy riffs and lots of great leads. Bassist Larry Brown lays down a bit of funk. He and drummer Ron Kalimon lay down some powerful tempos. Rob Levey has a voice that is almost Ozzy influenced.

Musically, this album is really good. It has a rich sound that isn’t tone driven, but isn’t exactly raw. Has a lot of good riffs and leads. It’s cool that this band is a local band from my area where I grew up at.

Track listing:

1. Choices 04:13
2. The Liar 03:29
3. Black Night 04:16
4. Leaving Town 06:32
5. Life After Death 03:57
6. Life’s Toll 05:50
7. A Child’s Future 05:46
8. Vampires 05:04
9. Time for Change 04:38
10. Why Can’t You See Me? 05:01

Standing on the Sun: Internal Void

Rating: 90%

R-1780605-1259613758.jpeg.jpgIn 1992, Frederick, Maryland Doom Metal rockers Internal Void released their first full length album “Standing on the Sun.” The entire album has such a great overall sound. To give you a taste, this album is almost like Saint Vitus mixed with Trouble with a hint of Candlemass to top it off.

The musicianship is very good. You have the eerie and creepy vocal style of J.D. Williams. His vocal style may seem sloppy, by not always following in line with the instrumentation, but he somehow makes it work.  This makes him a decent front man. Guitarist Kelly Carmichael sounds good as well. His guitar has that Saint Vitus and Black Sabbath sound without the low tone. The riffs he produces are scary as hell in the sense that it’s eerie. He performs some great riffs and outstanding leads. The rhythm section with bassist Adam Heinzmann and drummer Eric Little produces some very aggressive and heavy tempos and melodies.

Track listing:

Warhorse 5:02
Take A Look 8:40
The Peace Song 3:40
Utopia Of Daze 6:15
Standing On The Sun 8:33
Unclean Spirit 4:10
Devil In Drag 6:42
Eclipsed 2:02
Line In The Sand 6:04
Desolate Cemetery 7:27

A Fragile King: Vallenfyre

Rating: 80%

R-3418834-1329668619.jpeg.jpgThis album was released in 2011 as Vallenfyre’s debut, as a super group. It consists of Paradise Lost’s lead guitarist on lead vocals and guitar, At the Gates’s drummer Adrian Erlandsson, and My Dying Bride’s guitarist Hamish Hamilton Glencross. It also features Scoot on bass and guitarist Mully.

I really like this album simply because it’s old school Death and Doom Metal. Yes, old school Death Metal drenched in Doom Metal. Not Melodic Death Metal! Plus it features three guitarist. My most recommended song on this album is “Cathedrals of Dread”. 

The instrumentation has this doomy feel that goes with it’s overall sound. The guitars have this crunchy sounding tone along with screaming leads. The guitars are toned down which help to achieve that sound. The vocals are gritty are well.

The song structures are what you would expect from this genre of music. Slowed and heavy with some faster tempos thrown in. It’s got some really nice riffs that are super tight. Those leads and fill ins are just screaming. The drumming is pretty good too.

Track listing:

All Will Suffer 4:09
Desecration 4:56
Ravenous Whore 3:02
Cathedrals Of Dread 3:52
As The World Collapses 3:13
A Thousand Martyrs 3:24
Seeds 4:45
Humanity Wept 2:18
My Black Siberia 3:49
The Divine Have Fled 3:41
The Grim Irony 4:39