The Thousandfold Epicentre: The Devil’s Blood

Rating: 90%

The_Thousandfold_Epicentre.jpgLate in 2011, this album was released. When I first heard them on Sirus radio, I was blown away. It was like stepping back in time to the era of early 1970’s Progressive Rock with tons of Black Sabbath thrown in.

The musicianship is really good. Farida Lemouchi the vocalist is what really stands out. Her vocal style is amazing and fits in with those female artists of Goth Rock. The next thing you’ll notice the guitar and the leads that goes with it. Great bass and drumming all around.

The music itself is full of melody. Also, you’ll notice some of the progressive, goth, and psychedelic styles and influences. Lyrically, its about the occult, sex, and paganism. The best tracks are the opening track, “Die the Death”, and “Feverdance.”

So grab your witches brew, light up the night with a fire, and drink some wine, because you’re in for a pleasurable listening experience.

Track listing:

1. “Unending Singularity” 2:18
2. “On the Wings of Gloria” 7:04
3. “Die the Death” 3:53
4. “Within the Charnel House of Love” 3:35
5. “Cruel Lover” 7:26
6. “She” 5:39
7. “The Thousandfold Epicentre” 9:02
8. “Fire Burning” 5:06
9. “Everlasting Saturnalia” 6:13
10. “The Madness of Serpents” 8:28
11. “Feverdance” 15:15

Ragnarok: Runaljod

Rating: 90%

Runaljod_-_Ragnarok.jpgSo, as many may know or not know, I am a huge fan of Viking and Folk Metal. After buying the acoustical album by Fintroll, I realized how traditional this neofolk music is. It’s deeply rooted in the old Nordic faith, folklore, and tradition.

The vocals are amazing. They’re huge, rich, and soothing. Even the chanting is the same way. This is the type of traditional music that has meaning and purpose. It really does speak to me. There is a mixture of male with some added female vocal work to it. Both, compliment each other and isn’t overwhelming.

Musically, the drums and other traditional instruments are very noticeable. The drum beats give this music a huge sound, while the other instruments compliment the overall sound, style, and feel. The horn is absolutely breath taking when you hear it mixed in with the tempo of the drum.

So, if you’re looking into a type of music to relax to after a very stressful day at work, this works well for me. It does lighten the mood.

Track listing:

1. “Tyr” Týr 6:30
2. “UruR” Urus 10:11
3. “Isa” Ice 7:13
4. “MannaR – Drivande” Man – Pushed 4:09
5. “MannaR – Liv” Man – Life 5:13
6. “Raido” Ride 4:46
7. “Pertho” / (Rune’s meaning still unknown) 2:18
8. “Odal” Patrimony 5:29
9. “Wunjo” Joy 5:20
10. “Runaljod” Runes reading 7:36

The Fame Monster: Lady Gaga

Rating: 95%

The_Fame_Monster2009 saw Lady Gaga release this ep called “The Fame Monster.” Now, it’s been known that I have liked Lady Gaga’s music for some time. I think she is a brilliant artist and entertainer.  The reason I got into her, was the fact that talk radio was always putting her down and degrading to women. So, I did the next best thing. I wanted to hear for myself as to why she was always being attack. I found the opposite when I listened to her. Her music actually speaks many truths.

This ep contains several good songs. The difference between this album and her debut “The Fame” is the fact that she seems to be more comfortable as her vocals are much stronger. She is proving that she is the next sensation rather than a fad. This album has somewhat of a cleaner sound to it. It has lots of great “Club Beats” or Techno style beats to dance to if you’re into that sort of thing. Great melodies and music. I do like her darker and more sexual themed lyrics.

High points, on this ep included “Bad Romance”, “Monster”, and “Teeth.” I do like “Alejandro”, but it does kind of drag out. “Telephone” would be a great song only if you dropped the duet vocals of Beyoncé. I am not a Beyoncé fan at all.

Track listing:

1. “Bad Romance” 4:54
2. “Alejandro” 4:34
3. “Monster” 4:10
4. “Speechless” 4:31
5. “Dance in the Dark” 4:49
6. “Telephone” (featuring Beyoncé) 3:41
7. “So Happy I Could Die” 3:55
8. “Teeth” 3:41

Winter: Oceans of Slumber

Rating: 90%

Oceans-of-Slumber-Winter-500x500.jpgMy friend gave me a copy of this album called “Winter” by Oceans of Slumber. Upon my first listen, I was actually blown away. Their style of Progressive Metal is really good. This album was released in 2016 and marks their first official release, even though, they have two previous works.

Musically, this album has a lot to offer. There are a lot of great riffs and leads. The vocals are amazing. The song structures are really good and the album itself has a nice flow to it from start to finish.  “Nights in White Satin” originally by the Moody Blues, I find was well done and a nod to the Progressive Rock sound of the earlier days. With the Progressive influences, this isn’t your ordinary Progressive Metal album. I find it refreshing. There is a great del of atmospheric and melodic elements that adds to the richness of the music and overall sound. “Lullaby” is a nice small mellow and vocal piece that leads into a acoustical piece “Laid to Rest.”


New Noise Magazine


Track listing:
Winter 7:58
Devout 5:08
Nights In White Satin 5:45
Lullaby 1:46
Laid To Rest 1:41
Suffer The Last Bridge 5:01
Good Life 2:08
Sunlight 5:34
Turpentine 5:32
Apologue 6:55
How Tall The Trees 1:33
… This Road 7:44
Grace 3:21

Burning Insight: Frantic Amber

Rating: 90%

456368.jpgSwedish Death Metal band Frantic Amber released their 2015 debut “Burning Insight.” For the most part, this all female band minus the drummer dude hits the head of the nail. Think of a female version of Dethklok. Frantic Amber is made up of bassist Sandra Stensen, drummer Erik Röjås, lead guitarist Mio Jäger, guitarist Mary Säfstrand, and vocalist Elizabeth Andrews.

This album is truly a piece of art. It’s got a lot of great parts musically to it. Listening to it, there is a good bit of harmony to certain sections of music. The melody is very strong. Mix this in with very gritty riffs of the guitars and bass, and the madness of the drums, plus the harsh vocals, and you have a good Melodic Death Metal album. Each note is precis and prefect. The leads and the fill ins are one thing that sticks out. Another piece of instrumentation that is well done, it the bass. It’s always good to hear the bass in Heavy Metal that is creative. There seems to be a lot of very complex drumming that sets the tempos. The harsh vocals feature a certain degree of growls, shrills, and screams. I have not been able to locate a dull moment on this album. It’s an epic masterpiece. It’s got a certain degree of some eerie and creepiness on the slower tempo music. One thing is for sure, it’s not boring and the flow of the music is very exciting. Everyone seems to be comparing this to Arch Enemy, but, this band to me, is a hell of a lot better.


Frantic Amber.

Track Listing:

1. Intro 01:08 instrumental
2. Burning Insight 04:27
3. Bleeding Sanity 04:18
4. Soar 05:29
5. Drained 05:39
6. Awakening 03:51
7. Entwined 04:35
8. Wrath of Judgement 05:01
9. Unbreakable 05:23
10. Destruction 05:31
11. Ghost 05:52

Victim of Yourself: Nervosa

Rating: 80%

399020In 2014, the Brazilian female trio Nervosa released their debut “Victim of Yourself.” So imagine Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, and Lamb of God wrapped up into one. Now you have the sound and style of Nervosa. The band is made up of vocalist & bassist Fernanda Lira, guitarist Prika Amaral, and drummer Pitchu Ferraz.

The approach of the band is a good effort. Each instrument is clearly heard and production wise, sounds pretty good. It’s got plenty of hard, crunching, complex, and upbeat riffs. There’s a good deal of lead guitar that sounds pretty good. Good bass lines and decent drumming. The harsher screaming vocals compliments the overall sound of the music. Is this classic Thrash Metal? No, not really, but the approach of classic Thrash Metal is there. This album at times can be very aggressive and brutal. But for the for most part, it’s a nonstop assault like what Thrash Metal should be.


Nervsoa by Metal Ladies Publishing.

Track Listing:

1. Intro 02:57 instrumental
2. Twisted Values 05:18
3. Justice Be Done 03:49
4. Wake Up and Fight 03:40
5. Nasty Injury 05:27
6. Envious 04:35
7. Morbid Courage 03:33
8. Death 03:51
9. Into Moshpit 03:43
10. Deep Misery 02:06
11. Victim of Yourself 04:10
12. Urânio em Nós 02:07

Daydream Nation: Sonic Youth

Rating: 90%

SonicYouthDaydreamNationalbumcover.jpgI remember when I first heard this album upon it’s release in 1988. When I first heard this, I was like what the hell is this? After listening to it again, I heard very complex song structures that were hard to duplicate on guitar. It’s not wonder why?

Both Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo were great musicians and great guitar players who knew how to make noise into music. Neil Young is another guitarist that has this trait. Listen to his album called “Arc” which Neil Young consulted Thurston Moore about the idea. Then, I heard Kim’s bass lines and I was totally blown away. She is one of the most influential female bassists. Her bass and guitar style is very unique. Her vocals are the same way. Steve Shelly’s drums lines are just as complex as the band. He has some very weird tempos, of beats and rolls.


Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore. Getty Images

Musically, there are some great melodies here. They flow from song to song as if you were in a daydream. The music is smooth, not aggressive, but relaxing. At the same time, there is a certain jam style in between verses that is weird, but at the same time it was written to be atmospheric. There is a great deal of improvisations. The harmony of the music itself it wonderful.

The music also features a good combination of female and male lead vocals. Each member of the band contributes equally. The musicianship is very tight. It’s no wonder why Sonic Youth is such a major influence to Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, and Punk.

Track listing:

Teen Age Riot 6:56
Silver Rocket 3:46
The Sprawl 7:39
‘Cross The Breeze 7:00
Eric’s Trip 3:46
Total Trash 7:30
Hey Joni 4:17
Providence 2:39
Candle 4:57
Rain King 4:38
Kissability 3:06
Trilogy: a) The Wonder 4:27
Trilogy: b) Hyperstation 7:04
Trilogy: z) Eliminator Jr. 2:37