Suzi Quatro: Suzi Quatro

Rating: 90%

Suziquatroalbum.jpgBefore the Runaways, there was Suzi Quatro. The first successful female front woman who played the bass guitar. The debut released in 1973, made Suzi Quatro and her band a force to be reckoned with. Let me say, this record was a smash hit. It was Rock n’ Roll, it was Hard Rock, it was Punk, and yet it was Bluesy. It was an amazing experience to listen to. Let me tell you, this album was far ahead of the times.

Musically, this album just rocks! I love every aspect of the guitars, bass, drums, vocals, and the keyboards.  The music is so damn catchy and enjoyable.  It’s Garage Rock at it’s best. It comes complete with these rich guitar riffs some of which are heavy as hell. It’s not overly complex, but at the same time it isn’t simple. There is a good balance within the rhythm section of every song. There is a certain degree of rawness that gives this album the drive and power that it needs to be one of the best Rock albums.

Suzi Quatro is among one of the most influential female artist of all time. She not only proves to sing, but her bass guitar is amazing. Then you have the lead guitarist and master of the riffs, Len Tuckey. Keeping pace with the timing of it all is drummer Dave Neal. Add the key work of  Alastair McKenzie and you have a Rock n’ Roll and that is very enjoyable to listen or jam too.

So, when I saw this record for sale, I had to grab it. Not only is this a very underrated or forgotten album, but it is also one of the best forgotten albums of the 1970’s.

Track listing:

Side one
“48 Crash” – 3:54
“Glycerine Queen” – 3:47
“Shine My Machine” – 3:49
“Official Suburbian Superman” – 3:05
“I Wanna Be Your Man”  – 3:09
“Primitive Love” – 4:13

Side two
“All Shook Up” – 3:48
“Sticks & Stones” – 3:41
“Skin Tight Skin” – 4:21
“Get Back Mama” – 5:52
“Shakin’ All Over”  – 3:33
“Can the Can” – 3:34


I Love Rock ‘n Roll: Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

Rating: 95%

I_love_rock_n'_roll_-_joan_jett_(album_cover)Fresh out of the Runaways and after releasing her first solo record, Joan Jett now backed the her hand The Blackhearts released “I love Rock n’ Roll” in 1981. This to me was a solid record. It flirted with both Punk and Hard Rock as well as keeping it as close to pure Rock n’ Roll as possible.

The musicianship is good. Joan Jett proves that she can have solo career while performing lead vocals and guitar as she did toward the end of the Runaways. She also proves to be a good song writer. She is backed by a series of good musicians. Ricky Byrd on guitar, bassist Gary Ryan, and drummer Lee Crystal. It also features Eric Ambel on tracks 5 & 10 as guitarist. 

Musically, again we have influences that range from pure Rock n’ Roll to Punk Rock itself. Everything is blended together decently. The music is strong, it’s original, edgy, and interesting. I don’t think there is a boring part to this album at all. It’s got some very impressive melodies. The vocals of the entire band is expressive and has lots of feeling. The vocals of Joan herself are stylish and raw. Everything seems to be perfectly balanced. The best riff is the actual title track of the album. But it does feature other good guitar riffs as well as leads done in both Punk and Rock format.

Track listing:

Side one
1. “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” 2:55
2. “(I’m Gonna) Run Away” 2:27
3. “Love Is Pain” 3:07
4. “Nag” 2:46
5. “Crimson and Clover” 3:17

Side two
6. “Victim of Circumstance” 2:54
7. “Bits and Pieces” 2:07
8. “Be Straight” 2:40
9. “You’re Too Possessive” 3:35
10. “Little Drummer Boy” 4:14

Mareridt: Myrkur

Rating: 90%

Myrkur,_Mareridt_Album_CoverDuring the later half of 2017, Myrkur released her second record “Mareridt”, meaning “nightmare” in Danish. I remember when her first album came out and how metalheads bashed her being more or less a Pop star, which she was. But, I really enjoyed her first album and saw a lot of potential for the crossover success.

Musically, there’s a lot of things going on that makes this album very exciting. I really like the Folk Metal elements she has used along with some of the experimental styles such as Goth that makes this album fall more or less into Ambient Metal style. Several of the songs seem to be built around a heavier Atmospheric sound. I really enjoy the mid tempo and melodic rhythms. I think when you combine everything, it gives her style of Heavy Metal, texture.

As far as the instrumentation, I like the usage of crushing guitar riffs one minute and then the blast of drum beats the next. This really helps to break up the pace of the music. The piano work on “Crown” along with the eerie fiddle work is amazing. Her vocals are very strong from her clean to her harsh. Lyrically, this is a concept album about her nightmares that occurred during sleep paralysis.

Track listing:

1. “Mareridt” 3:24
2. “Måneblôt” 3:33
3. “The Serpent” 4:04
4. “Crown” 4:56
5. “Elleskudt” 4:22
6. “De tre piker” 3:12
7. “Funeral” (Featuring Chelsea Wolfe) 3:00
8. “Ulvinde” 4:24
9. “Gladiatrix” 2:51
10. “Kætteren” 2:11
11. “Børnehjem” 2:22

Rev It Up: Vixen

Rating: 75%

Vixenrev.jpgVixen followed up on their debut in 1990 with “Rev It Up.” Unfortunately, this album didn’t do so well. This was mostly due to the change in music popularity. Grunge was hitting the airwaves. Just like most of the Hair/Glam Metal bands, Vixen would fall victim to the new Pop Alternative and Grunge hitting the airwaves. Shame too! As Vixen could’ve been so much more.

Janet Gardner still sounds amazing. She can hit those high notes. Jan Kuehnemund throws out some decent riffs and leads. Nothing killer, but decent. The rhythm section of bassist Share Pedersen and drummer Roxy Petrucci are still on top of their game. All of the band in fact are great.

Musically, this album is very pop orientated. Think along the lines of Bon Jovi. The music itself is very polished and filtered. It’s not heavy, but it is hard. Either way, Vixen is a band that deserves respect. If it wasn’t for a change in the mainstream, Vixen could’ve been something larger.


Track listing:

Rev It Up 4:55
How Much Love 4:38
Love Is A Killer 4:41
Not A Minute Too Soon 4:23
Streets In Paradise 4:29
Hard 16 4:01
Bad Reputation 4:08
Fallen Hero 5:17
Only A Heartbeat Away 5:08
It Wouldn’t Be Love 4:39
Wrecking Ball 5:12