Girls, Girls, Girls: Mötley Crüe

Rating: 85%

Girls,_Girls,_Girls_(Mötley_Crüe_album)1987 saw the release of “Girls, Girls, Girls” by Mötley Crüe. Changing some things up from their previous record “Theater of Pain”, the band will tap into their darker side of life such as drugs, women, death, and partying. The end result is an album that is pretty dark lyrically.

Musically, the band sounds much better and the song structures are more thought out. It seems as if the band is maturing. It also seems as if the band is also moving toward their first album “Too Fast For Love” as the song tempos are much faster and upbeat. Production work is a bit light and looses that raw gritty sound as heard on the first two records. This is a carry over from the “Theater of Pain” album.

Track listing:

Wild Side 4:40
Girls, Girls, Girls 4:30
Dancing On Glass 4:18
Bad Boy Boogie 3:27
Nona 1:27
Five Years Dead 3:50
All In The Name Of… 3:39
Sumthin’ For Nuthin’ 4:41
You’re All I Need 4:33
Jailhouse Rock (Live) 4:39


Shout at the Devil: Mötley Crüe

Rating: 80%

ShoutattheDevil“Shout at the Devil” released in 1983 was the second album by Mötley Crüe. Even though, I am not a fan of the Glam Metal scene, I will admit, I have liked Mötley Crüe. They were different from the other Glam Metal bands and they also sounded much different than those other bands. You can’t beat this non super group of musicians. I mean come on, these guys sound as if they were from a super group. That’s how tight the musicianship is. You have vocalist Vince Neil, guitarist Mick Mars, bassist Nikki Sixx, and drummer Tommy Lee. These guys managed to keep this band moving forward for almost 40 years. 

The album features many good ass kicking guitar riffs and lead solos. The vocals are done very well. Vince has always been a good singer who has a good range. The bass as well as the drums are very good as well. The album opens with a prequel leading up to the second song “Shout At The Devil.” Which is one of my favorite Crüe songs. Just the opening riff alone is good. The next strong song is “Looks That Kill” which has a killer tempo.  Another good song “Too Young To Fall In Love” as well as the Beatles’ remake “Helter Skelter” which is done in Crüe fashion. Everything else on this album is pretty generic. It’s not a bad album.

Track listing:

In The Beginning 1:13
Shout At The Devil 3:16
Looks That Kill 4:07
Bastard 2:54
God Bless The Children Of The Beast 1:33
Helter Skelter 3:09
Red Hot 2:20
Too Young To Fall In Love 3:34
Knock ‘Em Dead, Kid 3:40
Ten Seconds To Love 4:17
Danger 4:44

Cool Kids: Kix

Rating: 85%

Kix-CoolKids1983 saw the return of Kix with their second album “Cool Kids.” Although, this album features a more of a New Wave style and is more commercialized, I really dig it from the time I first heard it way back then. I have had the cassette and CD versions of this album, but when i found the vinyl, I had to grab it.

Musically, this album isn’t nearly as hard rocking as their debut. It does have strong chorus lines, beefy riffs and sweet leads. That is what Kix was always known for. But what Kix does here is add other styles of music into their blend and experiments with it. The New Wave sound with all of the synths and the Pop Rock sound is perfectly balanced as to not take away from the tongue in cheek cheesy & riddled lyrics and hard hitting music. But I must admit, it is quirky. But, it worked on this album. And because of that, this album is very underrated.

You have one of the best front man of Hard Rock on lead vocals and his name is Steve Whiteman. He also plays the harmonica and saxophone. Replacing Ronnie Younkins is Wrathchild Americas bassist Brad Divens on guitars. He also is the talk box on “Body Talk.” You also have lead guitarist Brian “Damage” Forsythe. Keyboardist and bassist Donnie Purnell and drummer Jimmy “Chocolate” Chalfant finish out the tempo and rhythm sections of the band. 

Track listing:

“Burning Love” – 3:07
“Cool Kids” – 3:28
“Love Pollution” – 4:04
“Body Talk” – 3:39
“Loco-Emotion”  – 3:30
“Mighty Mouth” – 3:43
“Nice on Ice” – 3:25
“Get Your Monkeys Out”  – 3:20
“For Shame” – 3:11
“Restless Blood” – 3:50

Metal Health: Quiet Riot

Rating: 85%

MetalHealthQuietRiotSo, what do you do when your guitarist Randy Rhoads leaves for Ozzy? Well, you get yourself another and write an anthem. That’s exactly what happened here. Although, I am not a big fan, I do appreciate this album. The reason is because of three songs. “Metal Health”, “Cum On Feel The Noize”, and “Breathless” are all great songs from the early 1980’s. They all feature these monstrous riffs, guitars solos, and gritty vocals. Not to mention the anthem that many teens of the gathered around and that was “Metal Health.”

Musically, this album is powerful, energetic, rich, and well balanced. It features all of these outstanding guitar riffs, vocals, and big chorus lines that focus more on harmony. Yes, it’s well polished, but this was one of the first Heavy Metal records that just destroyed the airwaves.

Kevin DuBrow whose pipes as gritty as they are, can really hit some of those higher notes. Filling in some mighty big shoes was guitarist Carlos Cavazo. He was the perfect replacement for Randy Rhoads. His really shreds those guitar strings. Bassist Rudy Sarzo really provides some outstanding harmonies and rhythms that compliments drummer Frankie Banali. 

So, I have admit it and now you have to do the same, this record helped to shape 1980’s Heavy Metal to make it become a style, a culture, and a fad.

Track listing:

A1 Metal Health 5:16
A2 Cum On Feel The Noize 4:49
A3 Don’t Wanna Let You Go 4:39
A4 Slick Black Cadillac 4:17
A5 Love’s A Bitch 4:06
B1 Breathless 3:49
B2 Run For Cover 3:38
B3 Battle Axe 1:34
B4 Let’s Get Crazy 4:06
B5 Thunderbird
Backing Vocals 4:43

Vices: Kick Axe

Rating: 75%

50105In 1984, during the rising tide of Glam or Hair Metal, Canadian rockers Kick Axe finally released their debut record “Vices.” To be honest, I really wasn’t much of a follower of this genre of Heavy Metal. There were certain bands that stood out like Motley Crue, but for the most part, they all sounded exactly the same. More so during the later half of the 1980’s.

But, to be fair, this album, has some good moments to it. Think along the line of straight up, beer guzzling party to you drop type of Heavy Metal. As with most of these Glam Metal bands, this album has tons of guitar riffs that are monstrous. Big bass lines and good drumming. It’s got plenty of guitar leads and fill ins. One thing you’ll notice is the full and rich big choruses, supported by a lot of harmony. It’s got plenty of good melodies and the tempo is pretty straight forward. And yes, there is one ballad “Dreamin’ About You.” I would seem to lean toward Quiet Riot sound. 

Kick Axe was made of of vocalist George Criston, guitarists Larry Gillstrom & Raymond Harvey, bassist Victor Langen, and drummer Brian Gillstrom. Together these guys are putting out music that is honest and down to earth. “Heavy Metal Shuffle” is almost what we would call anthem. Bottom line, it’s not a bad record. 


Track listing:

“Heavy Metal Shuffle” – 3:15
“Vices” – 4:22
“Stay on Top” – 4:06
“Dreamin’ About You” – 4:32
“Maneater” – 3:21
“On the Road to Rock” – 4:22
“Cause for Alarm” – 4:38
“Alive & Kickin'” – 3:50
“All the Right Moves” – 4:36
“Just Passing Through” – 4:48

Contagious: Y&T

Rating: 70%

R-2526591-1296190983.jpeg.jpgBack in 1988-1990, the group I was hanging around introduced me to this album. I remember all of us listening to this album in the car when we drove from carnival to carnival to hang out with friends. Later on, one of my buddies would commit suicide and the group was never the same.

Today, I found this vinyl of this album and I purchased it just to remember my days with Randy, Dave, and Timmy. Timmy gave me this Celtic cross before his death which my wife still has. So, this record does bring back some of those memories that I have forgotten. After that summer, we all never saw each other again.

Y&T is a band not too many heard of, especially in the day and age. Their roots go back to the mid 1970’s. But like bands such as Def Leppard, once the Hair and Glam Metal scene became popular, these bands were swept into the genre. Producing music that was popular on MTV, Y&T’s 1987 “Contagious” record fell victim to the Hair and Glam Metal scene. Big hair and fancy clothes and blue jeans was the look.

Musically, big riffs and lot’s of leads made the crowds go wild and this record has both. Harmonizing vocals on the chorus portions of the song and the Sammy Hagar/David Coverdale style vocals on the verses are there. Another product of the Hair Metal scene was the ballad and “Temptation” has that category covered.

Dave Dave Meniketti vocals are pretty strong. You can tell he has that David Lee Roth influence listen “The Kid Goes Crazy.” Even the song compliments early Van Halen. Then “Fight For Your Life” has a very strong Dokken influenceHis guitar playing followed by Joey Alves is pretty strong too as they throw out riffs and leads. Bassist Phil Kennemore and drummer Jimmy DeGrasso both have a good set up, but even their roles are a bit weak. 

Y&T was nothing more than a product of the MTV era. They had ten minutes of fame and then as Grunge came out, they, just like many of the Hair Metal bands were forced to leave the scene and rediscover themselves. They did get back together in 1995 after four years off of the road.

Track listing:

Side 1

Contagious 3:19
L.A. Rocks 4:37
Temptation 4:22
The Kid Goes Crazy 4:14
Fight For Your Life 4:47

Side 2

Armed And Dangerous 4:17
Rhythm Or Not 5:05
Bodily Harm 3:31
Eyes Of A Stranger 4:37
I’ll Cry For You (Instrumental) 2:33

Invasion Of Your Privacy: Ratt

Rating: 80%

RattInvasionI hated most of the Hair Metal bands of the 1980’s as I thought the style and music was basically fake and full of posers. But some of the bands did stick out to me that were decent, including Motley Crue, Guns N’ Roses, L.A. Guns, and yes, Ratt…or at least this album. And by the way, the cover model is Playboy mate, Marianne Gravatte. 

This second album by Ratt is pretty good. It has plenty of good moments, even the semi-ballad “Closer to My Heart” is OK. Even though, I hated most of those love ballads by these Hair/Glam bands. The album has a nice flow to it, some good melodies, riffs, and yes, the classic Hair Metal style leads and solos.

The musicianship isn’t bad at all. Stephen Pearcy’s raspy vocal style is what sets this band apart from those others. There is no one that could even come close to sounding like him. Then you have the duel shock of guitars by Robbin Crosby and Warren DeMartini, who throw out the mighty riffs and leads. Surprisingly, Juan Croucier bass is right there and is clearly heard as he sets the timing right along with drummer Bobby Blotzer. 

The album opens with the killer song “You’re in Love.” To me, this song should have been a number one hit, as it is nothing more than pure Heavy Metal. “Lay It Down” is more or less one of those songs, even though it charted, was more of the same style as the rest of the Hair Metal bands. But, it’s not a bad song, just isn’t what I thought would have been a charter. In fact the majority of this album follows the same style as “Lay It Down.” There is some filler, but that is expected. “Between the Eyes” to me is another song that I don’t understand why it charted, to me that is a filler song as is “What You Give Is What You Get.” But hey, this is what those crazy long haired fist throwers wanted and that is what they got. All and all, this album is a well done album. I was lucky enough to get this as a teenager on vinyl for like .25c at a pawnshop when CD was getting to be popular.

Track listing:

1. “You’re in Love” 3:12
2. “Never Use Love”  3:54
3. “Lay It Down” 3:23
4. “Give It All”3:19
5. “Closer to My Heart” 4:30
Side two
6. “Between the Eyes” 3:54
7. “What You Give Is What You Get” 3:47
8. “Got Me on the Line” 3:04
9. “You Should Know by Now” 3:29
10. “Dangerous but Worth the Risk” 3:30