Live At The Whiskey-A-Go-Go: Misfits

Rating: 85%

th.jpgReleased more or less as a bootleg in 1982, this Misfits live album is another look into the last moments of the Glenn Danzig era. To me, it’s important piece of Danzig and Misfits history. The band sounds pretty good, with lots of energy, and the audience itself seems to be having fun.

The sound is very raw and intense, with Glenn’s vocals thrown forward of the music. The music itself is on steroids for as fast as they are playing with lots of feedback. It’s heavy! For me, I am hearing the Misfits for who they really were. Henry Rollins of Black Flag appears on the song Bullet.

Track listing:

  1. Halloween
  2. I Turned Into a Martian
  3. Horror Business
  4. Mommy, Can I go out and Kill Tonight
  5. We bite
  6. London Dungeon
  7. All Hell
  8. Halloween
  9. Skulls
  10. We are 138
  11. Astro Zombies
  12. Brain Eaters
  13. Bullet

Box Set: The Misfits

Rating: 100%

Misfits_-_box_set_cover.jpgIn 1996, the Misfits coffin shaped box set was released. I was there, the day it was released. I managed to grab one of the 50,000 first pressings that included ‘Fiend Club’ pin/badge and a special case for the Static Age CD as well as the 28 page booklet with liner notes, photos, and lyrics. Now, I had all of the Misfits on cassette, so when the box set was released, this was my chance to own an upgraded version on CD.

The collection contained both, released and unreleased material going back as far as 1977. It was worth the $50 that I dished out. Lot’s of great material, even though, many of the songs repeat, but they are different versions. The quality was amazing, even the earlier sessions on Disc Three. It’s neat to hear a very young Glenn Danzig compared to the much older Glenn Danzig today. This was a must have for any Misfits, Samhain, or Danzig fan. 

Track listing:

Collection I
1-01 She 1:21
1-02 Hollywood Babylon 2:17
1-03 Horror Business 2:42
1-04 Teenagers From Mars 2:33
1-05 Night Of The Living Dead 1:51
1-06 Where Eagles Dare 2:06
1-07 Vampira 1:19
1-08 I Turned Into A Martian 1:41
1-09 Skulls 1:56
1-10 London Dungeon 2:33
1-11 Ghouls Night Out 1:56
1-12 Astro Zombies 2:09
1-13 Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight? 1:58
1-14 Die Die My Darling 3:07

Collection II
1-15 Cough / Cool 2:14
1-16 Children In Heat 2:05
1-17 Horror Hotel 1:25
1-18 Halloween 1:50
1-19 Halloween II 2:11
1-20 Hate Breeders 2:43
1-21 Braineaters 0:57
1-22 Nike A Go Go 2:13
1-23 Devils Whorehouse 1:47
1-24 Mephisto Waltz 1:43
1-25 Rat Fink 1:50
1-26 We Bite 1:13

Legacy Of Brutality
2-01 Static Age 1:45
2-02 TV Casualty 2:33
2-03 Hybrid Moments 1:38
2-04 Spinal Remains 1:23
2-05 Come Back 4:59
2-06 Some Kinda Hate 2:04
2-07 Theme For A Jackal 2:36
2-08 Angelfuck 1:34
2-09 Who Killed Marilyn? 1:55
2-10 Where Eagles Dare 1:57
2-11 She 1:21
2-12 Halloween 1:46
2-13 American Nightmare 1:42

2-14 20 Eyes (Live) 1:55
2-15 Night Of The Living Dead (Live) 1:43
2-16 Astro Zombies (Live) 2:03
2-17 Horror Business (Live) 2:05
2-18 London Dungeon (Live) 2:14
2-19 Nike A Go Go (Live) 3:22
2-20 Hate Breeders (Live) 2:39
2-21 Devils Whorehouse (Live) 1:40
2-22 All Hell Breaks Loose (Live) 1:33
2-23 Horror Hotel (Live) 1:12
2-24 Ghouls Night Out (Live) 1:42
2-25 We Are 138 (Live) Guest, Vocals [Guest Screams] – Henry Rollins

Earth AD
2-26 Earth A.D. 2:08
2-27 Queen Wasp 1:30
2-28 Devilock 1:25
2-29 Death Comes Ripping 1:53
2-30 Green Hell 1:52
2-31 Wolfs Blood 1:11
2-32 Demonomania 0:43
2-33 Bloodfeast 2:28
2-34 Hellhound 1:13

3-01 Cough / Cool 2:06
3-02 She 1:15
(Date Unknown. No Studio)
3-03 Who Killed Marilyn? 1:58
3-04 Where Eagles Dare 2:00
3-05 Horror Business 2:42
3-06 Teenagers From Mars 2:32
3-07 Children In Heat 2:05
(Date Unknown. Songshop)
3-08 Night Of The Living Dead 2:02
3-09 Where Eagles Dare 1:51
3-10 Vampira 1:36
3-11 Violent World 1:50
3-12 Who Killed Marilyn? 1:50
3-13 Spook City U.S.A. 2:13
3-14 Horror Business 2:32
(9/5/80. Master Sound Productions)
3-15 I Turned Into A Martian 1:49
3-16 Skulls 1:52
3-17 Night Of The Living Dead 1:51
3-18 Astro Zombies 2:13
3-19 Where Eagles Dare 1:37
3-20 Violent World 1:34
3-21 Halloween II 2:28
(8/81 Reel Platinum)
3-22 20 Eyes 2:07
3-23 I Turned Into A Martian 1:57
3-24 Astro Zombies 2:13
3-25 Vampira 1:19
3-26 Devils Whorehouse 1:44
(Date Unknown. Mix-O-Lydian Or Newsoundland)
3-27 Nike A Go Go 2:38
(Date Unknown. Studio Unknown)
3-28 Hate Breeders 3:07
(Date Unknown. Reel Platinum)
3-29 20 Eyes 1:45
3-30 Violent World 1:36

Static Age
4-01 Untitled 0:06
4-02 Static Age 1:46
4-03 TV Casualty 2:23
4-04 Some Kinda Hate 1:59
4-05 Last Caress 1:55
4-06 Return Of The Fly 1:34
4-07 Hybrid Moments 1:40
4-08 We Are 138 1:40
4-09 Teenagers From Mars 2:48
4-10 Come Back 4:57
4-11 Angelfuck 1:36
4-12 Hollywood Babylon 2:17
4-13 Attitude 1:28
4-14 Bullet 1:36
4-15 Theme For A Jackal 2:35
4-16 Untitled 0:08

Box Set: Samhain

Rating: 100%

SamhainboxIn 2000, Glenn Danzig released the box set for his formal band, Samhain. Although, not much in the way of unreleased material, the box set basically released the Samhain catalog that had been out of print for several years. Although, I had three of the five albums in this box set on cassette, this was an awesome release for me to grab the day this was package as a box set. I paid $40 for this the day it came out, and now, you can’t buy this box set for under $100 and most of the CDs are again, out of print.

Let’s break down the box set. The VHS live recording it comes with, the sound and video quality sucks. But you do get a chance to see this band on stage in their prime. The comic book that came with the box set is pretty cool too! Other than that, the rest is CDs.

The quality of the CDs is pretty good. Some of them were remastered, such as “Unholy Passion” due to Glenn laying out new guitar tracks. It also contains some material that went over to the actual Danzig band. Such songs as “Twist of Cain”, “Trouble”, and “Possession.” Now, with that being said, there is a good amount of Samhain material floating around out there, that is not part of the box set, including a very early version of “Archangel.” I had to download that.

What makes this box set so special is the fact that you finally got a chance to covert your cassettes for CDs. That is what made me happy about this box set. My old tapes were so chewed up and beaten up to the point, that I wasn’t able to enjoy the music. That’s why I rated this as 100%. Samhain wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but this box set bridges the gap of the glorious Misfits and the actual Danzig band.

Track listing:

Initium (Disc One)
“Initium” / “Samhain”
“Black Dream”
“All Murder, All Guts, All Fun”
“Horror Biz”
“The Shift”
“The Howl”

Unholy Passion (Disc Two)
“Unholy Passion”
“All Hell”
“The Hungry End”
“Misery Tomb”
“I Am Misery”

Samhain III: November-Coming-Fire (Disc Three)
“Diabolos ’88”
“In My Grip”
“Mother of Mercy”
“To Walk the Night”
“Let the Day Begin”
“Halloween II”
“November’s Fire”
“Kiss of Steel”
“Human Pony Girl”

Final Descent (Disc Four)
“Night Chill”
“Death…In Its Arms”
“Lords of the Left Hand”
“The Birthing”
“Twist of Cain”
“Lords of the Left Hand: 2nd Version”

Samhain Live ’85-’86 (Disc Five)
“All Hell”
“The Shift”
“The Howl”
“Unholy Passion”
“All Murder, All Guts, All Fun”
“I Am Misery”
“The Hungry End”
“Horror Biz”
“Black Dream”
“Death Comes Ripping”
“Mother of Mercy”
“To Walk the Night”
“Halloween II”
“In My Grip”
“London Dungeon”

Live VHS
“All Murder, All Guts, All Fun”
“The Shift”
“Unholy Passion”
“Black Dream”
“The Hungry End”
“I Am Misery”
“Horror Biz”
“All Hell”
“London Dungeon”
“Mother of Mercy”
“To Walk the Night”
“Black Dream”

Arson Anthem: Arson Anthem

Rating: 90%

hqdefault.jpgIn 2008, Hardcore Punk went old school with a new twist with the debut of Arson Anthem. This super group of musicians got together and recorded some of the most fast, hardcore punk, heavy music in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Mike Williams (Eyehategod) on vocals, Philip H. Anselmo (Down & Pantera) on guitars, Collin Yeo on bass, and Hank Williams III (Assjack, and Hank3) on drums.

Musically, this is the fastest 11 minutes that I have experience next to listening to D.R.I.’s Dirty Rotten album. That’s right, 8 songs in 11 minutes. Plenty of hardcore riffs, weird fill in leads, in your face drumming, and screaming vocals. There are many highlights on this ep. There is a tight song structure from song to song, with a few seconds of mellow and quick fly by the night melody that breaks the atmosphere. This album brings back old school hardcore punk as if the world was going to implode.

Track listing:

1. Year of the Fork 01:41
2. Doomed Morale 01:15
3. Bunker Life 01:13
4. Hammer Them Out 01:11
5. Wrecked Like Clockwork 01:51
6. Cops Shoot Coke 00:34
7. The Avoider 01:38
8. Sri Lankan Medication 01:37

Speedboozer: Speedboozer

Rating: 80%

AlbumIn 2013, Speedboozer released their first and only album. The band consisted of vocalist & guitarist Jubilant Jim, drummer Hayzeus Crust , and bassist Snowflake.

Musically, this is a shot from the days when the British were ruling the world with their brand of Heavy Metal. But this is done with attitude with a whole of Motorhead thrown into it. It’s super fast and hard has hell. This brings back those memories from the mid to late 1980’s when I was growing up. It’s got plenty of leads and riffs. The drums are fast and the bass thunders along. Vocally, it’s not bad. This album is for those who enjoyed early Venom, Slayer, Motorhead, as well as Hardcore Punk.

Track listing:

1. Back On The Road
2. Drop The Nukes
3. Metal Punk
4. Violence & Noize
5. Crank It Up
6. Live free – stay wild
7. PKH
8. Gunned Down
9. S/T
10. Maximum Force
11. Speedboozer

Death Church: Rudimentary Peni

Rating: 75%

RP-Death_Church.jpgIn 1983, “Death Church” was released by Rudimentary Peni. This is their first full length album. Prior to that, the band released a few e.p.’s. The band consisted of drummer Jon Greville, guitarist & vocalist Nick Blinko, and bassist Grant Matthews.

Musically, the song structures are very simple. The riffs and leads are about average. Nothing to complex or extreme. The songs are more or long the lines of three to six chords, it seems like. The bass follows more along the guitar riffs, but, it is identifiable. The bass at times will lead off the song with a more progressive line, but then will often fall back in line with the guitar. The drums follow a more progressive and faster tempo, with some of weird tempos here and there. The British accent of the vocals is very noticeable which adds to that Punk sound. This of the Exploited and the Sex Pistols. The vocals themselves are a mixture of screams back down to mid range. There is a sense of poetry to the vocal style and the lyrics.

All and all, we have an average Hardcore Punk band with some songs structures. The overall sound, has a good raw sound to it. This is what love about Punk from the 1980’s. That raw energetic sound that is not polished. The lyrics can be a little dark. The musicianship seems to be pretty tight, which is always a good thing. There’s a bit of Noise Rock when the songs transitions from track to track.

Track listing:

“¼ Dead”
“Blissful Myth”
“The Psycho Squat”
“Rotten to the Core”
“Cosmic Hearse”
“The Cloud Song”
“Vampire State Building”
“Blasphemy Squad”
“When You are a Martian Church”
“Pig in a Blanket”
“Nothing but a Nightmare”
“Flesh Crucifix”
“Slimy Member”
“Love is Not”
“Radio Schizo”
“Happy Farm”
“Alice Crucifies the Paedophiles”
“Army of Jesus”

Fear of Life: CH3

Rating: 85%

hqdefaultin 1982, Channel 3 (Ch3) dropped the “Fear of Life” record. You had bassist Larry Kelly, drummer Mike Burton, guitarist Kimm Gardener, and vocalist & guitarist Mike Magrann. There style of Hardcore Punk was pretty good. You had the classic heavy guitar riffs, big chorus lines, great drumming, nice bass lines, and great solos.

Musically, the song structures are played very tightly. They have that raw and gritty sound which I like. You don’t many bands today, that record music the same way it was done back in 1980’s. Everything today has this polished and friendly sound to it. I love the claps, the answering chorus lines to the vocals. This album has some of the best fills as far as the guitar goes. The female backing vocals was a treat.

I love the Hardcore Punk from the era, as the music itself is very raw, powerful, aggressive, and heavy. It was these bands that helped to shape Thrash Metal and make it OK for the two groups to socialize. As I click away on Youtube, I am rediscovering these old Punk bands and it’s a hell of a trip down memory lane.

Track listing:

Out Of Control
You Make Me Feel Cheap
Catholic Boy
Wet Spots
Fear Of Life
Life Goes On
Strength In Numbers
Double Standard Boys
You Lie
I Wanna Know Why