Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing: Discharge

Rating: 95%

Discharge-hearseesay.jpgSo, if I was to think of a influential Hardcore Punk band that had a hand in the developments of Thrash Metal, perhaps Death Metal, Crust, and Grindcore, I would have to say Discharge is one of those bands. This album here released in 1982 could have easily started it all.

What makes Discharge so special above many others? Their musical style first and foremost brutal. This album was also raw, distorted, powerful, heavy, fast, along with vocals that are shouted out, rather than sung. The music is loud and noisy. You can’t get much more raw than this. The music seems to be totally pissed off with society. That leads right to the song lyrics. Lyrically, the themes are about about politics, social happenings, as well as anarchist and pacifist themes. It’s a total war on the system. 

The musicianship is excellent! Cal Morris vocals have inspired many throughout the decades. His style of shouting really brings the emotion home of what he is singing about. The heavy and distorted guitar riffs and fast leads by Bones is awesome. Now, harmony is not what this was about, but the bass work that Rainy brings is really good. Keeping the tempo with his style of d-beats is Garry Moloney.  

The end result of this album was the influence it had one Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, and Slayer when they fused this Hardcore style with the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Even Groove Metal was inspired by this album when Pantera came along.

Side one
1. “Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing” 1:33
2. “The Nightmare Continues” 1:51
3. “The Final Blood Bath” 1:42
4. “Protest and Survive” 2:17
5. “I Won’t Subscribe” 1:39
6. “Drunk With Power” 2:46
7. “Meanwhile” 1:30

Side two
1. “Cries of Help” 1:54
2. “A Hell on Earth” 3:07
3. “The Possibility of Life’s Destruction” 1:17
4. “Q: And Children? A: And Children” 1:49
5. “The Blood Runs Red” 1:36
6. “Free Speech for the Dumb” 2:18
7. “The End” 2:32


Dealing With It!: D.R.I.

Rating: 90%

DRI_-_Dealing_with_ItOne genre that I love is Hardcore Punk, especially when that genre crosses over to Trash Metal. This is exactly what D.R.I. was doing when this album came out in 1985. Several of the songs on this record were on the previous Dirty Rotten and Violent Pacification albums.

This album also contains versions of songs that have different lyrics or the rhythm sections are slowed. Either way, this is a great album to have that demonstrates how a Hardcore Punk band develops that Trash Metal sound, considering their following album was called Crossover.

Spike Cassidy has developed some very nice leads and solos that will be an important key once the band has officially gone over to Metal. He has also created some very good riffs. I love the vocals of Kurt Brecht. Felix Griffin throws out some hellish beats on those skins. Mikey Offender bass lines really adds to the overall harmony to the music. Tracks 

What separates this album from the previous records is the song structures themselves. There is a good mixture of fast tempos and mid tempos where as the previous albums were super fast. Either way, this album is an important piece of Heavy Metal history. 

Track Listing:

1. “Snap” 1:10
2. “I’d Rather Be Sleeping” 1:12
3. “Marriage” 0:53
4. “Yes Ma’am” 1:56
5. “Soup Kitchen” 2:02
6. “Mad Man” 1:40
7. “Stupid, Stupid War” 0:26
8. “Counter Attack” 1:02
9. “Couch Slouch” 1:26
10. “God Is Broke” 1:07
11. “Karma” 2:16
12. “Nursing Home Blues” 3:50
13. “I Don’t Need Society” 1:36
14. “Give My Taxes Back” 0:56
15. “The Explorer” 1:36
16. “Reagonomics” 0:46
17. “How to Act” 1:10
18. “Shame” 1:09
19. “Argument Then War” 3:23
20. “Evil Minds” 0:55
21. “Slit My Wrist” 0:30
22. “Busted Again” 0:54
23. “Equal People” 0:51
24. “On My Way Home” 1:00
25. “Bail Out” 0:44


Embedded: Meathook Seed

Rating: 80%

Meathook_Seed_-_Embedded.pngIn 1993, musicians from two bands came together to form a side project called Meathook Seed. It features Obituary drummer Donald Tardy and guitarist Trevor Peres, who is the main vocalist for this album. It also features Napalm Death guitarist Mitch Harris on guitars and bass along with the programming.

This project is a decent collaboration of combining elements of Hardcore Punk, Death Metal with Industrial Metal. The result is a sound that is very huge and rich. The guitars are polished with a rich sound. There are some very weird guitar riffs on this album that isn’t overwhelming. It’s hardcore, thrashy, and yet, heavy enough using the elements of Death Metal. The bass lines are the same way. The drumming is progressive, heavy, and monstrous. Donald Tardy plays a very tight shift. The electric sound of the programming is another feature one will notice. It’s well balanced and doesn’t take away from the overall sound. This is a good overall album that is somewhat a forgotten record.

Track listing:

1. “Famine Sector” 4:09
2. “A Furred Grave” 3:47
3. “My Infinity” 3:01
4. “Day of Conceiving” 3:20
5. “Cling to an Image” 2:48
6. “A Wilted Remnant” 4:34
7. “Forgive” 3:24
8. “Focal Point Blur” 3:04
9. “Embedded” 2:07
10. “Visible Shallow Self” 2:27
11. “Sea of Tranquillity” 13:43