Prototype: Celtic Frost

Rating: 0%

287926.jpgThis record sucks! Not all is completely lost! Actually it is! We have a mixture of Industrial Metal, Rap, and crap. There is a reason, this album never made it past the demo stage.

Track listing:

1. Helter Skelter (The Beatles cover) 04:43
2. Totgetanzt 05:15
3. The Dying I 04:49
4. Beautiful End 04:31
5. November 06:38
6. Deep Inside 04:50
7. Relinquished Body 05:24
8. Human Dirt 03:32
9. Get Wicked (Dagger and Grail) 01:35
10. Hip Hop Jugend 05:17


Sacrifice ep: Danzig

Rating: 75%

418126HNNDL.jpgThis is for the 2000 reissue which contained two two “Deep”versions and “Serpentia.” The two “Deep” versions, I think are better than the one that was released for the X-Files soundtrack. This, although, is a bit out there, has some good points to it.

The song “Sacrifice (Rust Mix)” and “Sacrifice (Martyr Mix)” are really good versions of the song “Sacrifice” that was released as part of the “Black Acid Devil” or Danzig 5 album. “Serpentia (Winter Mix)” is slightly better than the actual album version.

Everything else, it’s a good listen, but no actual lyrics and mostly electronic noise. If you’re into the song “Sacrifice”, you’ll enjoy the tracks where Danzig is actually singing on, but may not like the instrumental versions. It’s was a good concept, but, it really doesn’t feel like Glenn Danzig to me.

Track listing:

2000 reissue version

“Sacrifice (Rust Mix)” – 3:46
“Sacrifice (Trust Mix)” – 3:46
“Sacrifice (Must Mix)” – 6:26
“Sacrifice (Crust Mix)” – 6:28
“Sacrifice (Martyr Mix)” – 6:20
“Sacrifice (Album Version)” – 4:28
“Deepest (Kennedy acid death mix)” – 4:54
“Deeper Still (French Eric Cadieaux techno Mix)” – 6:50
“Serpentia (Winter Mix)” – 7:01

6:66 Satan’s Child: Danzig

Rating: 85%

danzig_666In 1999, Danzig released his 6th record. This album compared to his previous album “Blackaciddevil”, Danzig toned down the technical part. The end result is an album that is still very dark in nature, but heavier with focus on more traditional sounds of Heavy Metal. Now he does keep certain elements of the Industrial Metal in this, but it’s more balanced and polished.

Musically, this is a solid record. While it still has some of the electrical and technical aspects, Danzig here, creates a good way for the two worlds to exists. Does this album have the vocal style that Glenn is known for? Well, yes and no. His vocals are more mid range and on some songs soft. Musicianship of the band is pretty tight and thick. Tighter than “Blackaciddevil.” Josh Lazie’s bass sound pretty good on these tracks. Jeff Chambers does produce some really tight riffs and there are some decent leads. Most of the guitar work features that drop D tuning which gives it that deeper and darker tone to the music. Joey Castillo produces some very complex tempos on the drums. Pretty solid comeback. Highlights on this album are “Five Finger Crawl”, “Unspeakable”, “Firemass” and “Cold Eternal.”

Track listing:

1. “Five Finger Crawl” 3:38
2. “Belly of the Beast” 4:28
3. “Lilin” 6:31
4. “Unspeakable” 4:12
5. “Cult Without a Name” 4:39
6. “East Indian Devil (Kali’s Song)” 4:03
7. “Firemass” 3:52
8. “Cold Eternal” 4:41
9. “Satan’s Child” 3:30
10. “Into the Mouth of Abandonement” 4:37
11. “Apokalips” 4:45
12. “Thirteen” 4:12

Embedded: Meathook Seed

Rating: 80%

Meathook_Seed_-_Embedded.pngIn 1993, musicians from two bands came together to form a side project called Meathook Seed. It features Obituary drummer Donald Tardy and guitarist Trevor Peres, who is the main vocalist for this album. It also features Napalm Death guitarist Mitch Harris on guitars and bass along with the programming.

This project is a decent collaboration of combining elements of Hardcore Punk, Death Metal with Industrial Metal. The result is a sound that is very huge and rich. The guitars are polished with a rich sound. There are some very weird guitar riffs on this album that isn’t overwhelming. It’s hardcore, thrashy, and yet, heavy enough using the elements of Death Metal. The bass lines are the same way. The drumming is progressive, heavy, and monstrous. Donald Tardy plays a very tight shift. The electric sound of the programming is another feature one will notice. It’s well balanced and doesn’t take away from the overall sound. This is a good overall album that is somewhat a forgotten record.

Track listing:

1. “Famine Sector” 4:09
2. “A Furred Grave” 3:47
3. “My Infinity” 3:01
4. “Day of Conceiving” 3:20
5. “Cling to an Image” 2:48
6. “A Wilted Remnant” 4:34
7. “Forgive” 3:24
8. “Focal Point Blur” 3:04
9. “Embedded” 2:07
10. “Visible Shallow Self” 2:27
11. “Sea of Tranquillity” 13:43

Blackacidevil: Danzig 5

Rating: 90%


The 1996 release.

So in 1996, you see Glenn Danzig with a totally new outlook on music. With no members left of the classic Danzig lineup, what should Glenn Danzig do? Well…experiment musically and seek new styles. After all, after the release of Danzig II in 1990, Glenn stated that he would never put out the same album twice. He kept to his word. The end result was the 1996 release of Danzig 5 with”Blackacidevil.”

So, is this is Blues record? No! This record sounds nothing like Danzig’s previous records. In fact, this record stands alone when it comes to even trying to put a genre to it. Is it Experimental? Yes it is. Is it Industrial Metal, Avant-Garde or Electronic Metal? Yes! Is it Hardcore? Yes! So what is it? Well, it all of the above.

Musically, this record is heavy, doomy, and aggressive. This is most likely, by far one of the heaviest Danzig records out there. Lyrically, the themes are very dark and sex driven. It contains everything that Glenn Danzig is known for. And…sadly, many people never gave this record the chance that it deserved.  Hell, even my wife loved this record.

The song structures are complex in nature with it’s heavily drench Techno and Electronic sounds complied with influences of Noise Rock. So with regards to the song structures, where do I even begin? For starters at it’s core, this is Heavy Metal. Added in with it, you have a lot of electronic rhythms. Many of the songs are upbeat in tempo. There is melody here, even though many will not feel it. There’s the Techno side of this record as well. Then you have the Doom Rock influences with the slowed tempos and heavily distorted sounds. Added to it, the Industrial Metal influences. This record could easily stand along side Rob Zombie or Nine Inch Nails. It even has traces of some Sludge Metal in it.

Musicianship, I think is pretty damn good. Glenn vocal’s really stand out from track to track. Although, many do not care for the electronically distorted sound of his voice on several tracks. Is he using his higher range style like before? Yes, and no! But, his no distorted vocals are what makes this record great. He is what gives the music the darkness that only he can do. “Ashes” is traditional Glenn Danzig from his vocal style to the music.  Glenn also plays keyboards, bass and guitar on this record. Joey Castillo’s drum work is amazing, on the reissue “Bleed Angel” is a great example. Thrown into the mix is the programmer and keyboardist Joseph Bishara.


The 2000 reissue edition

Additional Personnel:

Jerry Cantrell – Guitars (“See All You Were”, “Come to Silver”, & “Hand of Doom”)
Mark Chaussee – Guitars (“Sacrifice”, “Serpentia”)
Josh Lazie – Bass (“Sacrifice”)

Track Listing: 1996 original version
“7th House” – 3:48
“Blackacidevil” – 4:25
“See All You Were” – 5:03
“Sacrifice” – 4:29
“Hint of Her Blood” – 5:03
“Serpentia” – 6:41
“Come to Silver” – 4:01
“Hand of Doom: version” – 2:53
“Power of Darkness” – 3:19
“Ashes” – 5:28

Track Listing: 2000 reissue version
“7th House” – 3:48
“Blackacidevil” – 4:24
“See All You Were” – 5:02
“Sacrifice” – 4:28
“Hint of Her Blood” – 5:02
“Deeper” – 4:15
“Serpentia” – 6:40
“Come to Silver” – 4:00
“Hand of Doom: version” – 2:52
“Bleedangel” – 4:13
“Power of Darkness” – 3:19
“Ashes” – 5:31
“Don’t Be Afraid” – 4:25

The Last Sucker: Ministry

Rating: 85%

The_Last_sucker-coverSo…this was to be the last album by Ministry? Well…it wasn’t. They came back in 2012. “The Last Sucker” released in 2007 featured Al Jourgensen on vocals, guitars, bass, harmonica, drum programming, and programming. Tommy Victor on guitars, bass, and vocals, Paul Vincent Raven on bass, guitars, vocals, Sinhue Quirin on guitars, bass, and John Bechdel on keyboards. You can hear Tommy Victor’s signature sound throughout this record. For those who do not know about Tommy Victor, he is the front man in the band Prong and the guitarist for Danzig.

This album was influenced by a string of events during the George W. Bush presidential years in the White House. Not too many people liked George W. after he was elected. We went through much including two wars. “The Last Sucker” is the final album in the anti-Bush trilogy. The first was 2004’s “Houses of the Molé” and 2006’s “Rio Grande Blood.”

The music itself is very heavy, with some trash, speed, doom and death metal elements. “Die in a Crash” is so heavily punk influenced, and features vocals by Fear Factory’s Burton Bell. Even the cover “Roadhouse Blues” performed originally by the Doors is like a barrage of double drums that don’t quit. It mixes well with the techno sound. It has lots fast tempos, mixed with weird sound effects. It has a good mix of drumming, guitar and bass lines. The leads are nice and so are the fillers. The album is very powerful with regards to the lyrics as they protest the actions of the W. Bush White House. The vocal work has a good collection of gently spoken verses to all out lead vocal attack that has a lot of passion. When you hear his vocal work, and read the lyrics, you’re like, yep, he sure does hate Bush.

This album is a very good record. Although, I am not into the Industrial Metal sound, it was enjoyable. Production is good with a nice mix of sounds and musicianship. I do like the softer style choirs in the “End of Days, Pt. 2” with a speech written by Dwight D. Eisenhower that is heard at the last few minutes of the song.

Track listing:

1. “Let’s Go” 4:53
2. “Watch Yourself” 5:29
3. “Life Is Good”  4:15
4. “The Dick Song” 5:50
5. “The Last Sucker” J 5:59
6. “No Glory” 3:42
7. “Death & Destruction”  3:31
8. “Roadhouse Blues” 4:26
9. “Die in a Crash” 4:03
10. “End of Days (Part 1)” 3:22
11. “End of Days (Part 2)” 10:25

The Righteous & The Butterfly by Mushroomhead

Rating: 85%maxresdefault

Mushroomhead: The Righteous & The Butterfly

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Mushroomhead released The Righteous & The Butterfly on May 14, 2014 and would be dedicated to John “JJ Righteous” Sekula (Mushroomhead’s original guitarist who passed away in 2010) and Steve “Skinny” Felton’s wife, Vanessa Solowiow (passed away in 2013 aka the Butterfly). After 4 years of no playing and acquiring several new members, Mushroomhead does a great job on the return.

The Righteous & The Butterfly is by far their heaviest album to date. In 2012, Mushroomhead would release a statement that they are working on the new album and would later premier “Qwerty” as a pre-release taste of the album. “Qwerty” alone had serious power behind it and would tell the world that Mushroomhead is back and they mean business. The album overall gives the listener the feeling of pain and anger that the members had “built up” from the death of JJ Righteous and Skinny’s wife.

Recording of the album would take place at the Filthy Hands Studio, their own studio that was ultimately established in the 1990’s under the name Shroomco Records. The sound of this album is not only Mushroomhead’s heaviest album, but still has the “ballad-esque” songs. Do not let the word ballad deter you from taking a listen to the album though. (Remember the glam metal bands of the 80’s did it and they’re still being played on the radio today!) The ballads featured on the album are still powerful and the listener can definitely hear the pain that the band held for 4 years. Such songs are “Childlike” and “Portraits of the Poor,” but they both are worth a listen. The heavier songs definitely exemplify the anger the band has felt through the years. Such songs are “Our Apologies” and “Qwerty.” Mushroomhead also covered the acclaimed song “Rumor Has it” by none other than Adele. This was a surprising cover on Mushroomhead’s part, but none the less offers the listener with something borderline crazy to listen to. I suppose it is no different than when they covered Seal’s “Crazy.” The album itself has its own “story line” to it. It starts out climatic with “Our Apologies” and peaks with the “Childlike” and “Portraits of the Poor,” both the ballads of the album as mentioned above. Finally the song ends on a heavy note with their cover of “Rumor Has it” by Adele if you have the regular version of the album.

The members featured on The Righteous & The Butterfly include:

  • Jefferey Hatrix – clean vocals
  • Jason Popson – harsh & rap vocals
  • Waylon Reavis- clean & harsh vocals
  • Tommy “Church” Church – guitar
  • Ryan “Dr. F” Farrell – bass guitar
  • Steve “Skinny” Felton – drums, assorted percussion
  • Robbie “Roberto Diablo” Godsey – drumd (tracks 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 12), assorted percussion, water drums
  • Tom “Schmotz” Schmitz -keyboards, assorted electronics
  • Rick “ST1TCH” Thomas – turntables,assorted electronics, assorted percussion, water drums
  • Jus Mic (also lead singer of 10,000 Cadillacs) – lead vocals on “Childlike”
  • Jackie LaPonza (also the lead singer of Unsaid Fate) – vocals (tracks 8, 15, 16, 17)

Track Listing:

1. “Our Apologies” 3:24
2. “How Many Times” 4:50
3. “Devils Be Damned” 3:16
4. “Qwerty” 3:30
5. “Portraits of the Poor” 3:31
6. “Childlike” (feat. Jus Mic of 10,000 Cadillacs) 1:45
7. “This Cold Reign” 4:04
8. “We Are the Truth” (feat. Jackie Laponza of Unsaid Fate) 4:05
9. “Son of 7” 3:29
10. “For Your Pleasure” 4:12
11. “Worlds Collide” 4:19
12. “Graveyard Du Jour” 3:20
13. “Out of My Mind” 3:35
14. “Rumor Has It” (Adele cover) 3:39