Live In Los Angeles: Trouble

Rating: 75%

R-3701505-1399668135-8102.jpegRecorded in 2008 an almost 13 year hiatus, Live In Los Angeles was released by Doom Metal rockers Trouble. Now, they did do some minor touring here and there for gigs until Wagner left with the new album in 2007 “Simple Mind Condition.” With new vocalist Kory Clarke replacing Eric Wagner, the band got moving again for a new tour. So, no comparison when it comes to the vocals. Wagner just had that voice for this band. Clarke’s vocals are just way to raspy and gritty for the overall classic sound.

Musicianship is pretty good. It’s good to hear these guys live as I have not heard anything of them since 1995. So, when I saw this album on vinyl, I could not pass it up. Not for $8.00 anyway. So, Clarke’s vocal work moves the band forward. He has some bog shoes to fill in which for the tour, he did alright. He just ins’s Eric Wagner. The bass work by Chuck Robinson is very clean. The riffs, scales, and leads conducted by Bruce Franklin and Rick Wartell are pretty good. They done a hell of a good job at harmonizing the fill in solos as well as keeping rhythm with tempo. Drummer Jeff Olson throws out some nice tempos and rhythms. 

The overall sound of the music is a tad bit gritty and not as clear as it could be. That might also contribute to my bias feelings toward Clarke. The sound again, is a bit weak.  It’s got great riffs and great leads. Either way, it’s one of those things where you take it or leave it. And for me, I would take it, just because of the fact, that I haven’t heard much from this band during the last decade.

Track listing:

A1 Intro 2:37
A2 RIP 4:37
A3 The Sleeper 3:21
A4 Touch The Sky 3:29
A5 Plastic Greenhead 3:50
A6 The Eye 4:49
B1 Simple Mind Condition 3:58
B2 Mr. White 3:36
B3 End Time 6:05
B4 Trouble Maker 4:05
B5 End Of My Daze 5:00


Mutha Live! Black Oak Arkansas

Rating: 90%

R-380941-1297103126.jpeg.jpgIn 1976, Black Oak Arkansas released Mutha Live! It was recorded on Mother’s Day on 1975. This performance starts off with the bands most popular hit “Jim Dandy.” It also has a small collection of their other well known songs such as “Hot And Nasty.” 

For a live album, this is a really good performance on behalf of the band. The sound of the music is rich, rhythmic, and full. It’s always good to hear what a band sounds like once they are live. Some sound great, others not so great and B.O.A. sounds better to me, live than in the studio. 

With regards to the band, they sound solid and they are engaging with the audienceTommy Aldridge on the drums is throwing out some steady tempos. Thundering along on bass is Pat Daugherty and he is clearly heard and is not overshadowed by the guitars. Jimmy Henderson, Stan Knight, and Ricky Reynolds on guitars is what gives this band that full and rich sound. It’s heavy and distorted, but doesn’t take away any of the feel to the music. Then on vocals is the one and only James Mangrum who sounds like he is on top of his game. 

Track listing:

A1 Jim Dandy
A2 Fancy Nancy
A3 Lord Have Mercy On My Soul
A4 Cryin’ Shame
A5 Fever In My Mind
B1 Hey Ya’ll
B2 Rebel
B3 Taxman (George Harrison)
B4 Hot And Nasty

Live At Leeds: The Who

Rating: 100%

The_who_live_at_leedsOne of my favorite guitarists is Pete Townshend. Just something about his style that can’t be matched by no other. One can not compare him to Jimmy Page or Ritchie Blackmore. Because all of them are talented, brilliant, and and can throw down chords like no tomorrow. With that being said, I picked up this live performance by the The Who at R.I.P. Records for $8.00 in almost mint condition.

The overall sound is really amazing. Each instrument sounds great. The music has a lot of rich melody and harmony. The rhythm section is so talented and sounds very heavy at times. Lot’s of great tempos as well. The Who were always ahead of the times when it came to their style as well as their sound.

The musicianship is really good as well. Roger Daltrey has a great voice and is full of energy. He is a good example of what a frontman should be during performances. Pete Townshend again, is fantastic. He knows how to throw those riffs down and his leads are amazing. Bringing in the harmony of the music is bassist John Entwistle. His leads and bass lines are top notch. Throwing down on the skins and keeping tempo is the one and only Keith Moon on drums. 

If you really want to hear how these bands really sound, you got to get their live performances. Those performances showcases the band without dubs and editing. Every song on here showcases how great this band is, including the two covers  “Summertime Blues” and “Shakin’ All Over.”

Side one
1. “Young Man Blues” 4:46
2. “Substitute”  2:10
3. “Summertime Blues”  3:22
4. “Shakin’ All Over”  4:20

Side two
1. “My Generation” 14:45
2. “Magic Bus” 7:57

Time Fades Away : Neil Young

Rating: 90%

TimefadesawayI picked up this forgotten gem at Chuck’s R.I.P. Records for $10.00 damn near mint condition. As we were talking, we both noted that this live album was never released on CD until this year, 2017, but as part of a box set.  This record was released in 1973 with his band the Stray Gators.

Upon listening to this record, it hit me. This is material that I never heard before, even though, I have every CD that Neil Young has released including the Box set of Archives. The sound is fantastic. The style of music, a combination of raw Country and Folk Rock that makes Neil’s Hard Rock sound is amazing. The guitar parts are brilliant. The steel guitar really adds that special touch to the music.  Think about the music of “On the Beach” combined with the Country music side of “American Stars and Bars.”

The musicianship is outstanding. Neil Young is on top of his game. I love the sound of his guitar when he plays music like this. Neil also plays piano on this record. The man knows how to play and write music that he feels. David Crosby and Graham Nash also make an appearance on the record as well. Ben Keith on the pedal and slide guitar really adds that rich Country style sound to the overall music. Other musicians include pianist Jack Nitzsche, drummer Johnny Barbata, and bassist Tim Drummond.

Overall this is a great sounding performance. The material is great all around. I am glad that I happen to find this record in such great shape and add this to my collection.

Track listing:

Side One
1. “Time Fades Away” (recorded at The Myriad in Oklahoma City, March 1, 1973) 5:36
2. “Journey thru the Past” (recorded at the Public Hall in Cleveland, February 11, 1973) 3:19
3. “Yonder Stands the Sinner” (recorded at the Seattle Center Coliseum in Seattle, March 17, 1973) 3:17
4. “L.A.” (recorded at The Myriad in Oklahoma City March 1, 1973) 3:11
5. “Love in Mind” (recorded in Royce Hall at the University of California, Los Angeles, January 30, 1971) 1:58

Side Two
1. “Don’t Be Denied” (recorded at The Coliseum in Phoenix, March 28, 1973) 5:16
2. “The Bridge” (recorded at the Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento, April 1, 1973) 3:05
3. “Last Dance” (recorded at the Sports Arena in San Diego, March 29, 1973) 8:47