Flush the Fashion: Alice Cooper

Rating: 80%

Acflush.jpg1980 saw Alice Cooper really experimenting with New Wave music. So in many ways, this album is just as much New Wave as it is classic Alice Cooper. He keeps up with his twisted sense of humor madness but brings out more of the modern subject matters. All and all, it’s not a bad record.

Musically, you’ll notice the drastic change with the New Wave influences. It still has some of that grittiness that Alice Cooper’s vocals are known for. It’s got plenty of great riffs and leads, more so on side two. The keyboards are really good. Lot’s of decent drum beats that lean more toward regular Punk/Electro, more so on the first side of the record. “Leather Boots” reminds me of a song that features Rock, Punk, New Wave, and with some Country music influences. “Aspirin Damage” is really far out there in left field.

Side two of this record is where the more classic sounding Alice Cooper is located at. It’s got a lot of hard hitters. It’s got lot’s of great bass lines and tons of guitar riffs and leads. So, if you’re looking for classic Alice Cooper more so than the New Wave, then side is where it’s at.


Side one flush the fashion suite
1. “Talk Talk”2:09
2. “Clones (We’re All)” 3:03
3. “Pain” 4:06
4. “Leather Boots” 1:36
5. “Aspirin Damage” 2:57

Side two
1. “Nuclear Infected” 2:14
2. “Grim Facts” 3:24
3. “Model Citizen” 2:39
4. “Dance Yourself to Death” 3:08
5. “Headlines” 3:18


Countach (For Giorgio): Shooter Jennings

Rating: 90%

R-8178705-1458149484-7459.jpeg.jpgIn 2016, Shooter Jennings released what I think was a great experimental album. It takes the 1980’s New Wave, Pop, Synth, Country, and Alternative music and throws it together. It also features a few guests including Marilyn Manson.

The music is somewhat complex sounding, but it isn’t. I picked up guitar and found myself playing right along with the music. It has a lot of great melodies and electric beats to the tune of Country music. Only Shooter could pull this off.

The music itself is very tight, rich, distinctive, and creative. You can tell this was a well thought out album. I will be honest, it can be a bit overwhelming. If you’re into Country, but not Alternative music then walk away. As for me, this album is killer.

Track listing:

From Here To Eternity
I’m Left You’re Right She’s Gone
Born To Die
Love Kills
The Neverending Story
Cat People

Those 1980’s Songs You Wanted To Hate and Hated To Love Vol. 1

So…the 1980’s was a very interesting time to grow up in. Punk and Heavy Metal were gaining ground in popularity. Depending on the genre, some ruled the airwaves. Of course, MTV was actually a station that played music videos.  However, Hard Rock and Country were going through many changes. You saw much Pop influences in the music overall sound and style. Some of these bands did a good job at adopting the new Pop style and others fell flat.

Then you had Alternative music or New Wave which heavily used synth. This genre of music really grew fast to popularity. It wasn’t Punk nor was it Pop, but whatever it was, it influenced a whole generation, musically to fashion styles.

I wasn’t a fan of the New Wave Alternative music. But, looking back some 30 to almost 40 years later, it makes me wonder how these songs are still being played to this day. Some of these songs were so far out there in left field or just plain weird. Nonetheless, over 30 years later, we’re still listening or at least talking about these goofy, cheesy, and down right dumb songs. Some of which, I admit, are fun to listen to and as they make me laugh.

This my top list of those songs I hated to love, but loved to hate:

14. “Super Freak” – Rick James: Released in 1981 has a very funky rhythm and beat. It also has a weird vibe to it with the synth and keyboards. I had to relive this beat to “You Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer in 1990.

13. “Funkytown” – Lipp’s Inc: This song was released in 1979, but became popular in 1980. It has a weird main disco synth riff that is a bit overwhelming. The electric drums,  string orchestra, and the jazzy saxophone is all cramped together. A lot of stuff going on here.

12. “Turning Japanese” – The Vapors: This song has a pretty good grove. It’s right along the lines of Punk, New Wave, and Pop that was released in the year 1980. But, the train rolls of the of the tracks the minute I hear the thick English accent vocals. The lyrics are cheesy as hell. So, if I look at pictures, that’ll really make me turn Japanese?

11. “Whip It” – Devo: Ok, so this group went all synth. And for what reason in 1980? To write a song that conquers and has one whip their problems away. Not to mention that this song actually made no sense to me at all. I guess, on a positive note, when problems arise, all you need to do is just “Whip It!”

10. “Relax” – Frankie Goes to Hollywood: This 1983/1884 song was a smash hit in the UK. Due to it’s sexual nature and themes, the song would eventually be banned from the UK airwaves. That ban just fueled sales. The song even made it into pop culture with t-shirts that said “Relax.”

9. “I Ran (So Far Away)” – A Flock of Seagulls: This gem was released in 1982. A side from weird hairdo of the lead singer, it wasn’t as bad as the other songs released in the 1980’s. In fact it was tolerable to listen to, but it still rode the tide of the New Wave, drench in synth as the rest of these songs on this list.

8. “Mickey” – Toni Basil: So, I take it that this song from 1981 wasn’t about Micky Mouse? In fact, I really didn’t the meaning of it at all, especially when “please, don’t leave me in a jam, Mickey.” Now, I will admit, it’s a very catchy song and it’ll have you clapping. Just ask Wayne in Wayne’s World.

7. “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” – Dead Or Alive: This song was released in 1985 and way out there in weirdo land. It’s heavily drench in synth and electric drum beats. It makes me dizzy just thinking how someone could spin round and round like a record and not fall down. It’s a pretty cheesy song with very cheesy lyrics.

6. “Down Under” – Men At Work: The story of this 1981 song is that is tells the tale of a guy traveling the world. He meets people and gets them interested in his country of Australia. The song itself, musically is Reggae mixed with synth.

5. “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” – Wham!: This bad boy was released in 1984. This song is more along the lines of Pop, but big chorus lines and finger snapping  made it another one of those goofy 1980’s song.

4. “Safety Dance” – Men Without Hats: Released in 1980 was a protest song about bouncers at the night clubs during the death of Disco and the emergence of New Wave. not only is this again full of synth, it is tolerable to listen to. Just another example of a one hit wonder that you have love to hate and hate to love.

3. She Blinded Me With Science” – Thomas Dolby: This song was just plain out there. Science? Really! Science may be cool today with Bill, but back then, it wasn’t very exciting. Even this song does not make me interested in the subject nor does make me get pumped for. Nonetheless, it was one of those weird songs that became very popular in 1982. Very creative song, I’ll give the artist that.

2. Cars” – Gary Numan: Released in 1979, and became very popular in 1980, this song was all synth. It also has to be one of the most cheesiest songs out there musically and lyrically. Even the video was horrible. When I hear this song, I find myself banging my head against the wall. I hope that never have to hear this while I am sitting in my car.

1. “Take On Me” – A-Ha: OK, how in the hell did Morten Harket get his vocals to that high pitch in 1985? How? This song even though was a one hit wonder, deserves to get made fun of as it provides tons of fun to hear.

…and now, I am going to go and crank up some good old school Thrash/Death Metal.

Will Damage Your Health: The Cigarettes

Rating: 85%

28081977_350_350.jpgSo, the year was 1979 when “Will Damage Your Health” was released by the Cigarettes. So when I saw this album, I was intrigued. This trio consisted of vocalist and bassist Steve Taylor, vocalist and guitarist Rob Smith, and drummer Adam Palmer. The band only released one album and that was a compilation album.

The music, you guessed it. It’s Punk. It has fuzzy guitars, great riffs, and leads. The bass is heavy and that is what sticks out. The drum lines are just as great. I think of the the 1960’s Hard Rock scene on speed when I hear their music. Check out “You Were So Young.” It’s a great tune and you’ll understand why they were one of the important Punk bands from the UK even though they had a very short career.

Track listing:

They’re Back Again, Here They Come
I’ve Forgot My Number (Now I’m Telling You My Name)
All We Want Is Your Money
Can’t Sleep At Night
It’s The Only Way To Live (Die)
Stay Inside
Looking At You
Frivolous Disguises
After All
Screaming Dreaming
Valium World
You Were So Young
Damage Your Health
Media Mania
Can’t Sleep At Night
Frivolous Disguises
It’s The Only Way To Live (Die)
Valium World

4 Days In A Motel Room: The Nuns

Rating: 85%

R-4078913-1354527039-3295.jpeg.jpgThe Nuns, I have had actually forgotten about. I first heard them back in the late 1980’s. This is when I was really getting into Punk and Hardcore Punk. After a while, I was more in tune with Hardcore Punk, Thrash Metal and Death Metal music and the Nuns were pretty much placed in the vault of my memory. So, while cruising Youtube, I found all these songs under the recommendation and that’s when I remembered this forgotten Punk band.

In the late 1970’s, the Nuns were rising above the California Punk scene with their blend of Punk, New Wave, later Goth Rock, and yes, some Pop. Their first record released in the form of an EP or single in 1979, saw some of popularity. By 1980, their debut record was released. The Nuns along with their vocalist Jennifer Anderson forged ahead to become one of the leading and influential Punks bands of the San Francisco Punk scene.

Throughout the history of the Nuns had numerous line up changes and a few reunions but, Jennifer “Miro” Anderson remained the only consistent member of the band. She passed away in 2011 from cancer. Her vocals are haunting, cold, and at the same time, good.

Nuns #12Although, “4 Days In A Motel Room” is more or less their greatest hits with some singles added to it, this album does showcase the band nicely. Many of the songs on this compilation album are for the most part very good. Lot’s of great guitar work and catchy riffs. Lot’s of catchy vocals and chorus.

“Do You Want Me On My Knees?” has a cool kick ass riff along with some very sexual lyrics. The music is very dark and the vocals are just as dark and sinful. The lead guitar solo which last for a few seconds is awesome.

There are several highlights on this album that justify’s why this band was one of the leading Punks bands in the San Fran scene. “Just Do It” has more of that New Wave sound to it and the vocals are more based on harmony. “Underground” is more of a Punk style with male and female vocals. “Savage” is really Punk from the drumming to the vocals. All around a good tune.  Not to mention this song has a kick ass guitar lead

Track listing:

Elvis Said
Rodney’s English Disco
Do You Want Me On My Knees?
4 Days In A Motel Room
Suicide Child
The Underground
Just Do It!
The More I Want You
Platform Princess
My Religion
In The Shadows
You Are The Enemy!
To Your Soul
Media Control
World War III
You Think You’re The Best?
Walkin’ The Beat
Getting Straight
Child Molester