No Grave But The Sea: Alestorm

Rating: 90%

ale.jpgReleased in 2017, Alestorm proves that ideas are not running dry when it comes to Pirate themed adventures and quests in song. This album is just as strong as any of the band’s previous releases. And if you’re a pet owner, the band even did a version for dogs. Get the deluxe edition for that second CD. 

The songs are catchy and the music is fine. This album does have it’s funny moments on songs like “Fucked With An Anchor.” The band seems to be having a blast and the creativity seems to be ongoing. Some of the songs have a bit of harshness to the vocals with Elliot Vernon’s vocals. Listen to him on the song “Alestorm.” Musically, the songs are all done very well. It features great guitar riffs and leads, excellent drumming and bass line, along with great keyboards.

The musicianship is excellent. You have keytarist and vocalist Christopher Bowes whose voice is amazing. It’s drenched in so much whiskey, that he sounds like no other out there. I love his approach. His keytar playing skills are amazing. Guitarist Máté Bodor really throws out some nice riffs and lead solos. Keyboardist and vocalist Elliot Vernon really seems to betaking his role with the band to a new level. Which is great. Drummer Peter Alcorn and bassist Gareth Murdock prove once again, that they can keep the tempos moving and providing some great rhythm that compliments the band.

So, lets go out and get drunk on some ale, mead, and rum. While you do so, make sure you have this album near by. You’ll want this for your next adventure.


No Grave But The Sea
To The End Of The World
Bar Und Imbiss
Fucked With An Anchor
Pegleg Potion
Man The Pumps
Rage Of The Pentahook
Treasure Island


In The Navy: Alestorm

Rating: 90%

387451.jpgLate 2013, Alestorm released their single “In The Navy.” This single is a fun little party song that is drenched in whiskey and grit, only as Alestorm can do. I purchased the single off of Bandcamp for $1.99. That’s the only way you’re going to get this little treasure.

Musically, the single track is done wonderfully. It keeps it close to the original version, but does incorporate the heavier elements of Power Metal to it. The other song, “Shipwrecked” is remixed and features more of a electric dance vibe. But that is just as fun to hear. Both songs are a wonderful treat by Alestorm.

The musicianship is pretty tight by our favorite party guys. Christopher Bowes gritty and whiskey drenched style of vocals are top notch. You can tell he is having a lot of fun with this song. Guitarist Dani Evans throws out that powerful sound and makes this song part of Alestorm. Keyboardist Elliot Vernon is really good.Giving these songs balls is the backbone of the band. Drummer Peter Alcorn and bassist Gareth Murdock. 

So, when you’re having a ball or party, take this version of “In The Navy” and crank it up. Watch all of the jaws drop and see the headbanging that occurs next.


1. In the Navy (Village People cover) 03:14
2. Shipwrecked (Drop Goblin Remix) 04:15

Death and Glory: Running Wild

Rating: 95%

dog200In 1989, Running Wild unleashed “Death and Glory” which is an album that focuses on history and the high seas. The sound is incredible.  It’s clear, clean, and crisp. Musically, it’s a well balanced of Speed, Power, and Epic Metal that makes this Heavy Metal album brilliant.

The song structures are wonderfully done. The melodies and harmonies sound great. The song concepts are very original, and yet they compliment those former Heavy Metal legends such as Iron Maiden. This isn’t recycled crap in order to make an album. There was a lot of artistic thought that went into the creation of the album.

Guitarist & vocalist Rolf Kasparek, guitarist Majk Moti , bassist Jens Becker, and drummer Ian Finlay produce this rich sound. Vocally, this album sounds very epic and powerful. Even the backing vocals are very powerful. There are plenty of tight riffs and fast lead solos. The leads are just fantastic. The guitars have a rich, clear sound. The two guitars harmonizing together provides this duel guitar slinger type of atmosphere. It’s exciting and entertaining. The bass is outstanding as well. It thunders through the music and is clearly heard. The drums are great. There lots of great tempos being used which gives this album plenty of backbone and power.

Track Listing:

1. “Riding the Storm” 6:27
2. “Renegade” 4:29
3. “Evilution” 4:43
4. “Running Blood” 4:29
5. “Highland Glory (The Eternal Fight)” (instrumental) 4:51
6. “Marooned” 5:12
7. “Bad to the Bone” 4:46
8. “Tortuga Bay”3:16
9. “Death or Glory” 3:56
10. “Battle of Waterloo” 7:50
11. “March on” 4:08

Captain Morgan’s Revenge: Alestorm

Rating: 90%

Alestorm_Captain_Morgans_Revenge.jpgIn 2008, Scotland’s Power/Folk Metal band Alestorm released their debut. The band was made of up of vocalist and keyboardist Christopher Bowes, drummer Ian Wilson, bassist Dani Evans and Gavin Harper on guitar.

Lyrically, Alestorm has a pirate theme on this album as well as future albums. I know, sounds corny right? Well, it’s not as bad as you think. The song compositions are fairly good. The song lyrics put me in mind of drinking, wenches, booty and 18th Century pirates and their ships. It’s history wrapped up in plastic just waiting to be cranked up.

Vocally, the songs are very strong and gritty. There’s a great deal of harmony on the chorus lines. Musically, it has some very impressive guitar riffs. It’s heavy with folk influences, speed metal and power metal. The leads are very impressive. The addition of the traditional tin whistles and jaw hard are a nicely added touch. Musicianship is not bad. Production, the album sounds good.

Track listing:

1. “Over the Seas” 3:55
2. “Captain Morgan’s Revenge” 6:42
3. “The Huntmaster” 4:59
4. “Nancy the Tavern Wench” 4:52
5. “Death Before the Mast”  3:11
6. “Terror on the High Seas”  3:51
7. “Set Sail and Conquer”  4:38
8. “Of Treasure”  2:58
9. “Wenches & Mead” 3:42
10. “Flower of Scotland” (The Corries cover) 2:37