My Favorite Danzig Records Ranked


  1. Danzig: The first album is by far my favorite Danzig record. Not only was it original, raw, and sexy, it had this certain deep sound to it. It also was something new that Glenn Danzig had never done up to this point. The musicianship itself made this a great album.
  2. Danzig 4P: This album is the last to feature the classic line up. This record is just all around a great record. The sound is heavy and yet, you can hear some of the experimental songs that will lead Danzig into the future. This album also shows how talented Danzig is and covers wide range of vocals.
  3. Danzig II – Lucifuge: Following up on the Bluesy feel of the first record, Danzig jump all in with the Blues and mixing that with his darker and sex themed lyrics. There is also some great vocal work on this album that really showcases Danzig’s vocal range.
  4. Danzig III: How The Gods Kill: Another great album. This time it’s heavier and darker. It still retains that Blues influence, but it also brings in some newer infleunces from the Heavy Metal world. The sound is clearer, raw, and with powerful vocals.
  5. Deth Red Sabaoth: This album features a classic sounding Glenn Danzig, although his vocals are getting worn with age. The song structures are pretty good. Glenn even made candy seem to be evil and sexy at the same time.
  6. Danzig 6:66: Satans Child: This record to me was a great album. You hear Glenn moving on from the full throttle of Industrial Metal as you heard on Danzig 5 and adding more of the Heavy Metal standard sounds to it. It’s a more balanced record that is enjoyable to listen to.
  7. Circle Of Snakes: Circle of Snakes was another good album by Glenn and his band. You see Glenn leaving behind the Industrial and Techno sounds for more of a straight forward Heavy Metal record. The album is a bit darker compared to the past albums from Danzig 5 and 6:66.
  8. Danzig 5: Blackacidevil: This album was one of those records that you liked or hated. There isn’t much room in between. This album was something totally different than one would have expected from Glenn. It was heavily soaked with the Industrial Metal sound with Techno beats. But, Glenn managed to make it work. I liked it.
  9. Danzig 777: I Luciferi: Danzig 7 was a decent record. It’s raw, dark, and heavy. Glenn still retains that style of song writing that he is known for.
  10. Danzig – Black Laden Crown: The latest record is decent. Danzig is really beginning to show age, but the material is just as strong as any record.
  11. The Lost Tracks Of Danzig: This is a great compilation records of songs that are great, but were not great enough to make the final cuts on various past records.
  12. Thrall-Demonsweatlive: A nice little ep with three studio songs on the first side which are great. Live performance on the other side gives you a small taste of what Danzig sounds like. The hidden track Mother 93, made new fans from people who never heard of the man. Kind of a one hit wonder.
  13. Live On The Black Hand Side: This live performance spans the career of Danzig from 1990 to 1996. It’s OK!
  14. Skeletons: Not my favorite album. Some of the songs are covered well by Danzig, others not so well. Now, if these songs were covered by Danzig and incorporated into his own style, then maybe, this album wouldn’t have been so bad.

Unholy Passion EP: Samhain

Rating: 90%

Samhain_Passion.jpgOver the weekend, I was able to pick up a copy on vinyl, this little treasure by one of my favorite bands, Samhain. The vinyl is splattered orange and is a reissue, but…at least I have a copy of it on vinyl now. I remember purchasing the 1990 version of this EP under the “Final Descent” album on cassette. Then the box set came in 2000, and I was able to get a copy on CD.

1985, saw the release “Unholy Passion” by Samhain. This was the second album to be released by the band. You have the one and only Glenn Danzig on vocals, keyboards, as well the guitar. Eerie Von on bass, Steve Zing on drums, and Damien on guitar.

Musically, this record sounds amazing on vinyl. The overall sound of the band is fantastic. The entire band sounds much tighter. It’s got a very rich guitar sound that doesn’t take away from the bass. The riffs are present as well as the structures themselves. You hear less of the Punk structure with the band moving more into the direction of Rock and Heavy Metal. Lyrically, it’s much darker than the “Initium” debut. Glenn’s vocal style is more of what he has been known in the band Danzig. 

Overall, if you a fan of anything that Danzig has ever done, then this is a great addition to the collection. I have been a fan ever since 1988, and it didn’t take long before I discovered the other bands that Danzig was with. Even though, Samhain more or less changed it’s name to Danzig, so, one might say the other band Glenn was with.

Track listing:

Side A
1. “Unholy Passion” 3:10
2. “All Hell” 2:19
Side B
1. “Moribund” 1:43
2. “The Hungry End” 3:06
3. “I Am Misery” 3:40

Black Aria II: Glenn Danzig

Rating: 60%

Glenn_Danzig_-_Black_Aria_II.jpgIn 2006, I was excited to hear the release of Black Aria II. After purchasing the CD, and listening to it, I was disappointed. The music itself, is a tad bit boring in some places as it didn’t hold my attention. But not all is lost as there are some decent pieces within the tracks themselves. Again, melody is lacking. It is worth listening to around Halloween, but I rather listen to it’s previous record, Black Aria from 1992.

Track listing:

“Overture: Winged Night Demon” – 1:21
“Abbandonment / Recreation” – 4:12
“Zemaragad” – 3:57
“Lamia” – 4:14
“Bridal Ceremony of the Lilitu” – 2:16
“Dance of the Succubi” – 2:21
“Unclean Sephira” – 3:46
“LCKR” – 1:43
“The Succubus Feeds” – 2:20
“Shiddin” – 2:37
“Demons Reprise” – 3:13
“Lamenta Lilith” – 2:36

Black Aria: Glenn Danzig

Rating: 90%

fc97a5a0-1786-012c-1e34-0050569439b1.jpgIn 1992, Glenn Danzig released an instrumental neoclassical record called “Black Aria.” I remember when I purchased the record and read the insert and it said, “This is not a rock record.” I thought to myself, hummm! When I played in my walkman, I was at first, saying WTF? Then after I listened to it again, the music itself was beautiful.

The arrangements were nicely done, but they do lack melodies. It’s very atmospheric, dark, and yet appealing. Not to many people liked it and many today still don’t.  The production itself isn’t all that bad. It’s not what I would call a jamming at ten worthy, but, it is relaxing to hear. The best part is when we carve out our pumpkins at Halloween, I always play this record. In fact, every Halloween since 1992, I have listened to this album.

Track listing:

“Overture of the Rebel Angels” – 2:42
“Conspiracy Dirge” – 1:59
“Battle for Heaven” – 3:54
“Retreat and Descent” – 3:53
“Dirge of Defeat” – 1:48
“And the Angels Weep” – 1:18
“Shifter” – 1:33
“The Morrigu” – 4:25
“Cwn Anwnn” – 2:13